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8 Years of Generosity: Celebrating Givelify’s Mobile Giving Community
Faith Leaders 8min read

8 Years of Generosity: Celebrating Givelify’s Mobile Giving Community

I still remember the joy and humility I felt that day I presented the concept to my Pastor of using a mobile device to collect tithes and offerings instead of going the traditional route of passing the collection plate. From that one church and that first giver, Givelify has grown eight years later to a […]
Design Thinking
Givelify Culture 15min read

The Power of Design Thinking: How Best Practices in Design and Innovation Help Tech Do More Good

As VP of Design & Innovation at Givelify, I’ve noticed something interesting about design thinking. There’s a significant overlap in what drives successful innovation and what drives our Givelify community. If I had to reduce the common thread down to one word, you can say both are human-centered. Both put people first and share a […]
How to Help Tornado Victims
Tech for Good 4min read

How to Turn Your Good Intentions into Help for Tornado Victims

While people were in the middle of their holiday preparations, a series of devastating tornadoes on Friday, December 10th brought an end to festivities for many. Now considered the largest in US history, these deadly storms ripped through 220 miles, 200 of which were through the state of Kentucky. Affecting six states, the destruction is […]

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