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Why Choose Givelify: The Preferred Giving App Platform for Churches and Places of Worship

People donating on different devices using Givelify's church giving app

Imagine a world where giving is effortless, secure, and impactful. A world where your congregants can easily give whenever they feel called, no matter where they are, and feel the joy of giving faithfully. A world where you can experience peace of mind knowing you have the funds you need to carry out your mission in the ways you’ve envisioned. That world is within reach with Givelify. 

As a faith leader, you want to focus on serving your congregation and community’s spiritual and personal needs. But, to do so, you must also ensure your place of worship’s financial vitality by increasing donations to your organization. 

Givelify empowers faith leaders like you to grow their giving and foster a lasting culture of generosity. With our giving platform, you can fuel your mission week after week, month after month, and year after year. Discover how Givelify can take your organization’s giving to new heights. 

What is Givelify? 

Givelify is the leading online and mobile giving platform specifically tailored to faith-based organizations. With over 103,000 authentic, verified App Store and Google Play reviews and a 4.9 out of 5-star rating, it’s the most loved and trusted giving solution for faith givers and places of worship.  

What’s more, we are committed to helping organizations and communities thrive. Ten years ago, Givelify’s founder believed there had to be a better way to give digitally to his church. Today, the giving experience has been transformed thanks to this belief, and Givelify now serves more than 66,000 organizations and 1.5 million donors. 

With a deep understanding of the psychology of giving, Givelify’s giving app is designed to tap into people’s intrinsic desire to do more good. Our award-winning mobile app empowers congregants to be the faithful givers they aspire to be. The average consistent giver on Givelify contributes $3,960 annually — 5x the national average and 2x more than those using Cash App. 

How Givelify helps places of worship fuel their mission 

With Givelify, faith leaders can devote more time to nurturing their congregation and impacting more lives. Our giving app and analytics tools help congregations foster a culture of regular giving, expand their reach, tap into a community of generous givers, and grow their giving revenue. 

Encourage consistency within your congregation 

Our industry-leading research shows that 95% of faith donors want to give consistently, at least once a month. By providing a seamless and convenient giving experience, our giving app encourages congregants to give regularly and be the faithful givers they aspire to be. With each gift they make, they’ll become more consistent in their giving, helping to support the financial stability of your place of worship. 

Expand your reach among faith donors 

Givelify allows you to access a vast and generous giving community, expanding the reach of your organization’s mission beyond the walls of your place of worship. With more than 1.5 million donors on the platform, individuals search for organizations like yours to support. Growing your donor base and increasing your impact is within reach! 

Grow your giving revenue 

With valuable insights and analytics tools, Givelify helps you track your giving revenue and make informed decisions to support your financial goals. By understanding your congregation’s giving behaviors and preferences, you can tailor your fundraising efforts effectively and optimize your giving strategies for maximum impact.

quote from pastor about how Givelify's giving app makes giving quick, easy, and convenient

Tools to help your organization reach your giving goals 

Givelify offers a range of tools to help your organization achieve its financial goals. When you sign up for a free Givelify account, you gain access to a powerful suite of tools that can help you drive donations, manage donors, and engage with your congregation. 

Giving tools 

To make it easier for your congregation to donate, Givelify provides a dedicated profile page that can be customized to match your organization’s unique identity. Add your logo and mission statement, and seamlessly integrate giving links into your website, emails, newsletters, and social media. This ensures a consistent and cohesive giving experience for your donors, no matter where or when they choose to give. 

Donor management 

With the Givelify Analytics Studio, managing and understanding your donors becomes effortless. Robust reporting and AI-powered analytics tools help you gain insights into your congregation’s giving behaviors, identify trends, and understand what drives their generosity. With real-time data at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions to optimize your fundraising strategies and maximize your giving. 

Donor engagement 

Staying connected with your members and supporters is key to nurturing a culture of giving within your congregation. The Givelify Analytics Studio includes built-in messaging features, enabling you to engage with your donors personally. Say thank you, share updates about your organization’s mission and impact, and inspire them to keep giving. This personalized communication fosters a sense of connection and belonging, strengthening the bond between your place of worship and its supporters. 

How Givelify helps places of worship foster a culture of faithful generosity 

Givelify goes beyond providing tools for organizations. We’ve built our mobile donation app with the giver in mind. With a three-tap giving experience, state-of-the-art security, and real-time visibility into giving, Givelify empowers congregants to become the consistent givers they aspire to be. 

Three-tap giving 

Givelify’s three-tap giving experience makes giving convenient and accessible for donors. With just a few taps on their smartphone, congregants can donate any amount their heart desires to your place of worship at any time, from anywhere.  

Safe and secure 

Givelify ensures the utmost security for transactions and personal information. With industry-reviewed, military-grade encryption standards, our giving app protects confidential and sensitive data during collection, transmission, and storage, giving donors peace of mind knowing their information is always secure. 

Track growth 

With real-time visibility into giving, Givelify empowers donors to track their growth and impact over time. Your congregants can witness their growth with every gift they make, inspiring them to keep giving, week after week. 

quote from donor about how Givelify's giving app makes her want to give more after seeing her growth

Tools to help your congregation grow in their giving 

Givelify offers various features to encourage giving among your congregation, including anywhere, anytime giving, the Champions of Good program, and options for reminders and recurring giving. These features enable your congregants to give according to their heart’s desire, track their giving journey, and experience the joy of giving consistently. 

Anytime, anywhere giving 

With anytime, anywhere giving, your congregation can support your organization no matter where they are. Whether they attend a service in person, watch a livestream from home, or travel abroad, Givelify makes it easy for your donors to give whenever they feel called. 

Champions of Good 

The Champions of Good program recognizes generosity among your congregation. Donors reach different giving milestones, from Silver to Diamond, with each gift they make. This program celebrates donors along their journey and encourages them to make new strides in their giving. Since its launch, donors in the program were more likely to make three more gifts, worth an average of $400, to their places of worship than the previous year. 

Reminders and recurring giving 

Donor-giving options provide flexibility and convenience for your congregation. Reminders gently nudge donors whenever they choose so they can stay in control and feel the joy of giving without committing to automatic withdrawals. With recurring donations, congregants can automate their contributions, choosing to give weekly, biweekly, or monthly — ensuring a steady stream of support for your place of worship. 

Organizations doing more good with Givelify’s giving app 

Organizations who adopt Givelify as their preferred giving platform see the tangible impact it can have on their ability to do more good. Hear from one church that increased giving by 25% in just one year of using Givelify. 

From sponsoring an aspiring nurse in Liberia to inspiring children to reach for their dreams, places of worship like yours are making a difference in their communities and beyond with the growth they’ve experienced with Givelify. 

Get ready to grow your giving 

Givelify offers a giving app and platform that fosters a culture of generosity and enables organizations to fulfill their mission. With its user-friendly interface, robust features, and commitment to helping faith-based organizations thrive, Givelify is the preferred giving solution for churches and places of worship. Join the thousands of organizations already experiencing the joy of Givelify and take your giving to new heights today.

About the Author

Lindsey is the Customer Marketing Content Lead at Givelify. She is passionate about creating educational content and joyful experiences that help our Givelify community find success with our mobile giving platform. Through her content, she aims to uplift and support faith-based and nonprofit organizations in their efforts to do more good in the world.

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