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Unveiling the New Bravo! Stories of Good Video Collection

People long for hope and connection. Uplifting stories of kindness and generosity can bring light and inspiration to our everyday lives. 

At Givelify, we believe sharing inspirational stories of good from our giving community of organizations and donors is key to inspiring change for the better in our world. 

We created Bravo! Stories of Good. The video series recognizes the unsung heroes that embody the spirit of giving. From simple acts of kindness to life-changing causes, these stories remind us of the innate good that exists within humanity. 

Our latest story, Life Changers, follows the inspiring journey of a nurse-in-training named Varbah. The generosity of New Life in Christ Church of O’Fallon, Illinois, made her nursing education possible.

New Life is working closely with its sister church in Africa to build a school and clinic in Monrovia, Liberia. This center will provide medical aid, opportunities for economic development, and resources to families in the local area.

“Start with one person. That will multiply. The return on that is infinite.” 

Bishop Geoffrey Vincent Dudley Sr., lead pastor of New Life O’Fallon

More inspiring stories of good from our giving community

Givelify recently launched our new Bravo! Stories of Good video collection, designed to bring the power of goodness to life through compelling visual storytelling.

Prepare to be inspired as we highlight everyday heroes who are making a life-changing impact in their communities. Check out more Bravo! Stories of Good below:

  • Horse4Heroes provides access to life-saving equine therapy
    Travis Flowers spent many of his post-war years battling post-traumatic stress. After meeting a horse named Penny, he began his journey to healing and recovery. Watch Travis’ story
  • First Baptist of James Island keeps culture alive and drives youth impact
    Follow the life of Kedrick Pasley. His incredible story takes him from a community dance program to dancing on the Disney stage. Watch Kedrick’s story
  • Kingdom Fellowship AME Church provides access to free vaccine clinics
    During the pandemic, Sandy Bruno was unable to find an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination. Her church then opened a life-saving vaccination clinic when availability was scarce. Watch Sandy’s story
  • St. Paul Baptist Church and the legacy of generational generosity 
    Kyle Delaney shares how growing up in a generous family has shaped how he gives. He tells how his father and grandfather inspire him to serve his community. Watch Kyle’s story
  • New Birth Missionary Baptist Church feeds the community 
    Inspired by a member of his congregation, lead pastor Dr. Jamal Bryant, opened a food pantry. It quickly grew from serving a few hundred families to more than 4,000 families each week. Watch the full story
  • The Bethel Church raises $100K for educational scholarships 
    During the height of the pandemic, the Jacksonville, Florida-based church moved its annual scholarship fundraiser online. Bethel raised $100,000 to support students in their educational pursuits. Watch the full story
  • Keep A Breast uses street art to drive breast cancer awareness 
    The breast cancer mortality rate in Mexico is significantly higher than in the U.S. Keep A Breast Foundation partnered with street artists to launch the Spanish version of the foundation’s early-detection and education mobile app. Watch the full story
  • St. John’s Church works with Viola’s House to support at-risk teen mothers 
    After becoming pregnant, a Dallas teen found herself without a home. Follows Jayla’s journey into motherhood and the community that supported her to move forward. Watch Jayla’s story
  • The Indy TenPoint Coalition increases community patrolling to reduce crime 
    The coalition’s mission is to reduce gun violence in Indianapolis. Since starting the program, the organization has seen a 100% decrease in criminal homicides in the neighborhoods they patrol. Watch their story
  • Victory Grace Center provides access and connection for senior citizens 
    Dr. Jasmin Sculark, known as Dr. Jazz, is the founder and lead pastor of Victory Grace Center. She created a program to provide senior-citizen members with laptops and technology training. The mission is to help them stay connected to the world around them. Watch the full story

How telling inspirational stories of good encourages giving

Storytelling is a powerful tool. It allows organizations to connect emotionally with their audience to inspire giving and engagement.  

Additionally, it helps you foster a genuine connection with current and potential donors. It also plays a crucial role in building trust, loyalty, and a sense of collective purpose to drive the organization’s mission forward. 

Givelify’s Bravo! Stories of Good are a prime example of how sharing your story can connect donors with the impactful work in the community.

Moreover, these stories provide a glimpse of the incredible impact that individuals and organizations are having on their local communities.

Your organization should do the same! Sharing your organization’s story and the impact of your work and generosity is a key way to garner additional support from your donors. 

Givelify’s 2022 Giving in Faith report found that people of faith want their churches or places of worship to provide more community outreach opportunities.  

Another recent survey found that 96% of donors give to nonprofits because they feel a duty to give back to society and help others. Faith-based and nonprofit organizations can leverage this motivation for giving by sharing their story. 

Whether it’s donating, volunteering, or becoming an advocate, stories serve as an inspiring call to action. They prompt supporters to get involved and contribute to a life-changing cause. 

Benefits of sharing impactful stories of good

  • Increased visibility: Sharing your story can give your organization significant exposure to a broader network of donors, supporters, and potential partners.  
  • Inspiring others: When your organization showcases its acts of kindness and philanthropy, it sets an example for others to take similar actions and make a positive impact in their communities. 
  • Donor engagement: Inspiring people with your story can potentially lead to more financial support for your organization. 
  • Community building: Sharing inspiring stories of good brings together individuals and organizations with shared values, fostering a sense of belonging and a united front for collective impact. 

We look forward to staying connected and sharing future inspirational stories of good. Find weekly stories and helpful tips by visiting our blog. Also, follow Givelify on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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