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2024 Giving in Faith Report
2024 Giving in Faith Report

Navigate Changing Trends in Faith and Giving

Gain key insights to adapt to today’s evolving congregational needs. Forge a stronger, more resilient faith community with the most up-to-date research.

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2022 Giving in Faith Report

In-depth study with other faith leaders like you and faith-driven givers across the nation
Findings from the 2022 Giving in Faith report included:

Faith leaders hold many roles in driving community engagement

73% of places of worship increased or maintained community outreach. Your vision as a faith leader drove this.

Digital is here to stay — savvy leaders cultivate digital communities

92% of givers intend to continue using online and mobile giving options to give to their places of worship.

Giving grew in the pandemic — and givers want to be more generous

84% of givers either increased or maintained their giving. All givers intend to give more in the future.

What new insights will be uncovered?
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“The role of the leader is to excite people about the mission…There is a science to giving – you have to understand that people are motivated to be involved and motivated to work. We need to learn to speak the language of motivation. It’s our role to inspire people to give to the work.”
- Bishop Walter S. Thomas, Pastor, New Psalmist Baptist Church

The 2022 Giving in Faith report by the numbers


The 2024 report will be even more robust. More respondents, greater insights.

Who is the Giving in Faith report for?
Your entire congregation leadership team will benefit from this report. 

Faith leaders

Lead a visionary congregation and create impact with new and sound insights

Finance team

Advise your leadership with current and future giving trends knowledge

Media team

Gain worship insights and how members are engaging today


Be an asset to your team with the latest church findings

Outreach ministries

Connect the dots between your work serving the community and how it inspires more generosity

Produced by an award-winning team of PhDs, researchers, and leading institutions

Givelify | Lake Institute
The Giving in Faith report is developed by Givelify’s Philanthropic Research & Insights team in partnership with the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, part of the University of Indiana’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. Lake Institute on Faith & Giving fosters a deeper understanding of the dynamic relationship between faith and giving through research, education, and public conversation.