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Easter Giving: Turn Inspired Givers Into Faithful Supporters

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Due to the spiritual significance of Easter to many Christians, about 80% of Americans will attend worship service — either in-person or online — on Easter Sunday, according to Statista. 

Easter, which is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, often calls for those who observe to enter a period of spiritual reflection — and a commitment to attend worship service with their families and loved ones.    

This expected surge in attendance is often accompanied by a surge in giving. Churches raised $10.2 million on Easter Sunday using Givelify in 2022. These gifts enable churches to fund programs for their congregation and community all year long.

Expect generosity during your Easter celebration

Yes, churchgoers may be generous during the Easter season. But here’s the challenge: one-time givers on Easter Sunday may never give to your church again.  

We know from the 2022 Giving in Faith report that 95% of givers want to donate to their church at least once a month. Our research also indicates that 70% of mobile donations to a church happens away from the church.

That means people are eager to give, and they appreciate an option that allows them to do it anytime and from anywhere.

So while you may not see the same Easter worshippers the following Sunday, you can make it simple for them to give to your mission consistently.  

March 9 webinar to ensure giving beyond your Easter celebration

We’re offering a free webinar on Thursday, March 9, at noon EST. This webinar will give you the momentum to avoid the traditional downturn in giving during the summer months.

Continue reading to learn more about a special bonus you’ll receive when you register for the webinar.

Meet the speakers

During the Maximize Easter Generosity: Turn One-Time Givers into Year-Long Supporters free webinar, we’ll provide three perspectives to help you maximize Easter generosity. Here are our esteemed panelists:  

Bishop Donney Faulk, founder and pastor of MountainTop International Word Ministry, will discuss how his church has increased consistent giving and will use Givelify on Easter to provide giving momentum for the rest of 2023.  

Bishop Faulk was called to the ministry in 1983. After 25 years of faithful service to another ministry, Bishop Faulk stepped out on faith to establish MountainTop International Word Ministry in September 2005. The church relocated to Oak Park, Michigan two years later.

In June 2013, he was elevated to the office of District Elder. Three years later, he was elevated again to the office of Suffragan Bishop

Kyle Delaney, member of St. Paul Baptist Church, will detail his journey to giving more consistently and how that process has strengthened his faith. After his grandfather challenged him to tithe, Kyle became intentional about giving consistently to St. Paul Baptist Church in Gonzales, Louisiana.

Currently a student at Southern University, he took to social media to explain his journey to becoming a consistent giver. Kyle is an active church member, where his father, Lauthaught Delaney Jr., is pastor. Kyle also serves the local community and surrounding areas via food drives, clothing drives, and other volunteerism.

Anthony DeShazor, SVP, Customer Success & Experience, Givelify, will share Givelify’s expertise in the psychology of giving to unlock the consistent giver journey in six easy steps your church can implement in time for Easter. 

DeShazor has more than 26 years of experience in technology, including senior leadership positions and software and global enterprise companies. At Givelify, he pairs his technical expertise with more than 15 years of experience as a minister and pastor to lead efforts to help organizations reach their goals.

Meet the moderator

Rev. Russ St. Bernard, Director of Ministry Operations, Kingdom Fellowship AME Church. In addition to his role at KFAME in Maryland, Rev. Russ founded After the Music Stops, a full-service youth ministry company. He founded Ministry Pivot, which is dedicated to assisting leaders and churches in seizing growth opportunities.

Learn more about the speakers and moderator.

This panel will bring their expertise, experience, and wisdom to the webinar to ensure all participants are ready for the Easter season.

The goal is for you to drive donations on Easter Sunday, throughout Easter weekend, and throughout the rest of the year. Spend a little time with us and expect big results during your Easter celebration season.

Don’t miss your bonus

Register for this webinar, and you will also receive an invite to attend an exclusive

session with a Givelify Giving Success Coach. In this interactive group session on Zoom, you can dive deeper into how to grow your giving on Easter Sunday and every Sunday using Givelify.

Registration for the “Ask Givelify” workshops will open immediately following the March 9 webinar. The first workshops are scheduled for Tuesday, March 14, at 11 am EST, and Thursday, March 16, at 6 pm EST. Additional workshops will be scheduled throughout March.

Givelify makes giving simple

Easter, a single day of giving, can be the beginning of a long-term relationship with your first-time guests. Strengthen that connection with Givelify, the most trusted online and mobile giving platform.

In just five minutes churches and givers can join the most generous giving community in the world. Download the Givelify app and find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube. We are better together—join the good work that Givelify is doing today! 

We look forward to seeing you at the March 9th webinar and helping you get ready for a wonderful Easter and a financially strong year!

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