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Open your givers' hearts

Connect with your givers. Engage them with our free-to-you tools.

Connect and say thanks

Built-in donor messaging

Insights into your givers

Givelify Analytics Studio

Learn why they give

AI-powered donor statistics

Truly engaged fundraisers

Givelithon® fundraising events

Reach givers on social media

Share giving links with one tap

Distraction-free giving

Tap. Give. Joy.

Faster engagement. Improved tools.

Quick replies to any donation. Custom messages to specific givers. We make it effortless for you to send a quick thank you or broadcast a reminder about an upcoming event.

Electrify your giving potential

Reveal what motivates your givers with artificial intelligence-powered stats like giving frequency, giving trends, and giving styles.

Encourage in-person giving

Givelithons are built to be shown. Pull it up on a big monitor. Project it on a wall. Watch your donation total rise in real time with every contribution.

Givelify Integration User Interface
Givelify donor engagement
Givelify employee helping a customer

Features for Organizations

Givelify packs all this power and more into Analytics Studio, free to our member organizations and places of worship.

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No hidden fees. Ever.