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Purpose-Driven Jobs: The Heart of Givelify’s Work Culture

Purpose-driven jobs — careers that align with employees’ values and sense of purpose — are shaping the landscape of modern work culture. Part of this movement is Givelify, the most loved and trusted digital giving platform. 

This week, founder and CEO Wale Mafolasire was recognized in  Purpose Jobs’ Top CEOs to Watch in 2024 list. The 35 CEOs featured in this year’s list were nominated and selected based on the following criteria: 

  • Communication and transparency  
  • Strategy and vision 
  • High EQ and empathy  
  • High integrity  
  • Commitment to purpose-driven leadership 

“This recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion that we’ve poured into our work,” Mafolasire said. “We’ve inspired so many people to be kinder and more generous, and this recognition is really for all of us and our wonderful giving community.”  

Givelify’s mission 

Founded in 2014, Givelify is an organization of heart-centered people using their gifts to power a burgeoning movement of generosity. Our mission of connecting good people to good organizations and causes is fueled by our commitment to kindness and community. Givelify operates on four key principles

These principles reflect how Givelify values creativity and ingenuity as much as efficiency and profitability, fostering a culture of innovation. 

“I love working at Givelify because the work we do inspires people to put more goodness out into the world,” said Allison Weaver, operations services specialist at Givelify. “It’s a privilege to be part of a team that believes in using technology for good and making a difference in people’s lives.” 

Hannah Gabirelle Trigo, people and culture generalist, shared some highlights of her experience working at Givelify. 

“Givelify offers a rare culture of diversity and purpose. I truly am honored to be part of something so beautiful,” said Trigo. “I always start the day off with a smile, which is usually followed by laughter in meetings with my team members. Every team member displays integrity and heart through their work, which is truly inspiring.” 

The future of purpose-driven work 

One of the most compelling aspects of purpose-driven jobs is their ability to inspire and engage employees on a deeper level. According to Gartner, 82% of employees say it’s important for their organization to see them as more than just an employee.  

When individuals feel their work contributes to something meaningful and impactful, they are more likely to experience greater job satisfaction and motivation. This intrinsic motivation often leads to increased productivity, creativity, and commitment, which are essential in today’s competitive business environment. 

“As a CEO, there’s a great responsibility to lead the company in one direction or another,” said Ryan Landau, founder and CEO of Purpose Jobs. “The ones who lead with purpose find higher talent retention rates, better business outcomes, and higher satisfaction.

Purpose Jobs’ Top CEOs to Watch in 2024 list brings more of today’s impactful leaders to the forefront. 

“The future of work is purpose-driven, and these CEOs are amazing examples of how powerful that kind of leadership is,” said Landau. 

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Kori Bolden is a spirited writer and storyteller who is passionate about her faith in Jesus Christ as well as serving her community. She is Givelify's content specialist residing in the Metro Detroit Area where she enjoys eating shrimp tacos and spending quality time with loved ones.

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