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Made of us. Made of you.

Our story is all about being better together.

Our story

How it all started

At Givelify, we believe that we all have an innate desire to do more good. In December 2013, we launched on a hunch that we could harness the power of technology to make it easy to give whenever someone was moved by a moment of inspiration, faith or purpose.

Before we knew it, what started out as an app became one of the fastest-growing and most consistent generosity movements, driving over $3 billion to date in giving thanks to the generosity of our diverse community of good people.

Our flagship product, the Givelify giving app, was quickly embraced by hundreds of people looking to connect to the causes that matter most to them. In the first three months, they made more than $100,000 in charitable contributions. In the next three months, $1 million!

Throughout this journey,

we’ve listened to our giving community with open hearts. We’ve seen how a tool, Givelify’s giving app, has removed barriers to giving. We are witness to our giving partners, the organizations and their leaders, championing causes in their communities and around the world.

People doing good

We've heard our donors’ testaments to the joy they feel when they're able to easily support the organizations and causes that matter to them. Day after day, each simple act of generosity turns into an abundance of good.   

What started as a grassroots movement—knocking on the doors of churches and nonprofit organizations—has grown into a movement that confirmed that generosity is boundless. Today, over 1 million good people have given nearly $3 billion to 55,000 organizations through Givelify. And this movement continues to gain momentum. We recognize that there’s much to be done in this world, and that’s exactly what we’re built for.

Together, we’re changing the world with kindness and generosity, one joyful gift at a time.

We’re grateful that so many have taken part in this journey with us.

Let’s continue to do more good together!

Our Givelify team

Daniel Aw

IT/Tech and Security Strategist

Hari Krishna

VP of Technology

Neeraj Ramesh

Executive Producer of Giving Experiences

Gilbert Escala

Senior Software Engineer

Matt Chandler

Sales Operations Specialist

Tran Pham

Senior Software Engineer

Allison Weaver

Operation Services Specialist

Abiodun Mafolasire

Data Scientist

Ron Pulliam

VP Strategic Partnerships

Amanda Slodsyko

Lead Verification Specialist

Matt Shaimardanov

Senior Software Engineer

Saylee Pradhan

Mobile Software Engineer

Meghana Bailey

Product Manager

Jayantha Kumara Ph.D

Principal Software Engineer

Wale Mafolasire

Founder & CEO

Peter Meth

Principal Software Architect

Renee Pellum

Lead Quality Analyst

Chinh Tang

Senior Software Engineer

Shawn Roetman

Verification and Risk Specialist

Faith Kimbrough

Givelify Customer Success Lead

Lawrence Casely-Hayford

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Linda Wilkinson

Director of Engineering - QA and Testing

Ola Folorunsho

Payment and Merchant Services Specialist

Claire Jordan

Payment and Merchant Services Specialist

Kayla Smith

Product Implementation Specialist

JW Kim

VP of Design & Innovation

Margarita Pantoja-Barnes

Givelify Customer Success Lead

Karen Scheid

Sr. Manager of DevOps

Scott Adams

Senior Visual Designer

Chad Bellan

Senior Automation & Environments Engineer

David Beiers

Sr. QA Engineer

Lauren Nowlin

Verification Specialist

Stephanie Gilbert

Talent Acquisition Manager

Phyllis Hogan

Conference and Events Specialist

Renee Wilcox

Graphic Designer

Alpheus Madsen

Senior Software Engineer

Ken Waugh

Director of Engineering

Juana Veliz

Director of Brand Marketing

Hafiz Temuri

Sr. Software Engineer

John Kane

DevOps Engineer

Peyman Seraj

Senior Software Engineer

Chris Whitefield

Senior Interaction Designer

Alexandra Tiapani

Verification Specialist

Abdiel Franco

Software Engineer

Jimmy Ruan

Sr. Software Engineer

Travis Bretton

Principal Software Engineer

Omni Adams

Engineering Team Lead

Will Cloxton

Customer Support Representative

Yarquiry Ferrer

Customer Support Representative

Deinis Matos

Sr. Customer Support Manager

Jennifer Robinson

People Operations Manager

Nykki Starling

Customer Support Representative

Huan Richards

Sr UX Designer

Jackie Robinson

Android Engineer

Miriam Oyedeji

Operations Services Manager

Miguel Jaimes - IT Support Specialist

Miguel Jaimes

IT Support Specialist

Julia Rodriguez

Customer Support Representative

Kendal Richer

Creative Director

Terry Bellinghausen - Sr. Quality Analyst

Terry Bellinghausen

Sr. Quality Analyst

Ashley McGilvray

Training Manager

Tiffany Washington

Giving Success Coach

Drew Malhotra

Software Engineer

Shawn Usry

DevOps Engineer

Jim Kiker

Sr. Software Development Engineer in Test

Jason Shelton

Sr. Software Development Engineer in Test

Amaris Brady-Willis

Associate Giving Success Coach

Sarah Braud Sr. Content Producer

Sarah Braud

Sr. Content Producer

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