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4 Ways to Grow Easter Visitors into Consistent Givers

According to Lifeway Research, Easter is one of the most attended worship days of the year. Sparking a seasonal surge in attendance, Easter services can be a catalyst to grow visitors into consistent givers. This is your opportunity to foster a spirit of faithful giving during and beyond the holiday. 

Givelify is here to support you in helping your visitors and members strengthen their giving habits and become faithful stewards. Research in our 2024 Giving in Faith report backs an effective strategy that can help your congregation achieve its goals. 

Implementing these four simple steps this Easter will help you grow consistent givers in your congregation year-round:

1. Highlight the connection between faith and generosity. 

In the 2024 Giving in Faith report, 82% of faith givers say that faith inspires their generosity. Additionally, 95% desire to give at least once a month to their place of worship. Many visitors and congregants may desire to grow deeper in their faith through giving, but don’t know where to start.  
This is a prime opportunity to share how consistent giving is key to supporting your faith community’s mission and impact. With the Easter Giving Toolkit, you’ll be equipped with resources to help your congregation grow in giving.

2. Share your congregation’s mission, vision, and community impact.

Community outreach is another strong motivator for faith-based giving, according to Giving in Faith. Faith leaders reported in 2023 that the primary catalyst for increasing community outreach efforts was their congregants. The collective desire for faith givers to support more community initiatives (70%) played a pivotal role in driving more outreach efforts. 

This is because places of worship are often seen as safe havens in their communities, according to Giving in Faith. In rural and geographically remote areas, they provide citizens lacking other social institutions with much-needed support and services. In urban communities, many places of worship prioritize social and criminal justice issues, local poverty, and caring for the elderly. These outreach efforts are a way for faith communities to serve and make an impact beyond weekly services. 

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Sharing your community impact with Easter attendees may increase their trust and willingness to support your congregation more consistently. You’ll find helpful ways to share your outreach efforts and giving options with your visitors in the Easter Giving Toolkit.

3. Follow up with your visitors and congregants after Easter.

Consistent communication with your visitors and congregants can foster a greater sense of belonging within your faith community. Sending personalized emails or letters is a great way to express gratitude for their attendance. In the toolkit, you’ll have ready-to-go email and social media templates to help you stay connected with attendees.

4. Empower your Easter attendees with easy, engaging ways to grow in their faithfulness.

Giving in Faith research shows that 95% of faith givers want to give the same or more than the year prior. This suggests they may view donating more of their time and resources as a way to grow in their faithfulness. Promoting volunteer or ministry opportunities can encourage visitors and congregants to become more involved in your faith community.

Additionally, 77% of faith givers donate digitally to their place of worship, according to Giving in Faith. This means approximately three-quarters of your Easter attendees will most likely give to your congregation by digital means. This toolkit equips your organization with giving time templates and methods to share your digital giving options with your attendees.

Make this Easter your launchpad to grow consistent givers in your congregation all year round!  

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Kori Bolden is a spirited writer and storyteller who is passionate about her faith in Jesus Christ as well as serving her community. She is Givelify's content specialist residing in the Metro Detroit Area where she enjoys eating shrimp tacos and spending quality time with loved ones.

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