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Crush Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising Goals on GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday nonprofit fundraising

Why should your nonprofit participate in fundraising on GivingTuesday?

You don’t want to miss the biggest giving day of the year coming on Tuesday, November 28! The 11th annual GivingTuesday is a tremendous fundraising opportunity for nonprofits. 

Every year on GivingTuesday, millions of people look to support organizations and causes they care about. You, too, can take part in this generosity movement. Spread the word about all the good your nonprofit puts into the world and inspire generosity on this National Day of Giving. 

With Givelify’s GivingTuesday Toolkit and mobile donation app for nonprofits, you can make this your most generous GivingTuesday yet.

GivingTuesday continues to shatter records

GivingTuesday was started in 2012 at 92nd Street Y in New York City. Fun fact: The National Day of Giving was intentionally placed on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Why? To help balance the shopping frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a day of generosity and giving to others. 

From that first local day to now, GivingTuesday has continued to grow. Giving in the U.S. alone totaled $3.1 billion on GivingTuesday in 2022. And more than 37 million adults participated, demonstrating an ongoing trend of increased generosity and participation on this day. 

Since 2018, Givelify’s giving community has set records on GivingTuesday. Last year, nearly 10,000 organizations participated with Givelify, and over 1 million donors were presented with an opportunity to donate on the Givelify app.  

The generosity of donors who use Givelify has grown tremendously. Year after year, more individuals choose Givelify to make a difference on GivingTuesday, confirming this giving day’s value in doing more good together. 

As the GivingTuesday message has spread to more people, it’s now easier than ever for nonprofits to leverage this day to fundraise for their causes. On this day, generosity is top of mind, and the spirit of giving is in the air. 

People are both aware and ready to donate! We want you to seize this opportunity and participate in GivingTuesday 2023. 

givingtuesday toolkit

Crush your nonprofit’s fundraising goals on GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday is a fantastic opportunity for donors to show their support for the organizations and causes close to their hearts, especially as the year ends. Here are some GivingTuesday tips to ensure the success of your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts:

Set goals

Like with any project, you need to think about your desired outcomes. Would you like a certain number of volunteers? New donors? Donations? Set goals so you can then take steps to achieve them.

Make a plan

Next, make a detailed plan for what you will do between now and GivingTuesday, on the day itself, and after. Consider how you will organize your volunteers, communicate with your donors, and provide updates as the day arrives.

Rally your best advocates to get the word out

You have a particular cause and a dedicated group of supporters. Encourage everyone to share both the mission and vision of your organization. For GivingTuesday, use emails, texts, and social media to get the word out. This is a beautiful time to reach out to your base and welcome new donors.

Fundraise for your nonprofit’s cause

Proudly share your cause and ask for donations. Let people know all the good you do and invite them to join this global movement. There is plenty of generosity to support your organization in building a successful virtual fundraiser for GivingTuesday. 

Make giving seamless by adding a giving link to all your communications and social media platforms. Givelify makes it easy for you to connect with donors anytime, anywhere.

Say thank you

After GivingTuesday, be sure to give a big thank you to all your volunteers and donors. They ensure you can continue making a difference in your community and around the world. You can do this through letters, emails, or social media. 

Add GivingTuesday to your end-of-year fundraising calendar and harness the billion-dollar generosity of this day. 

Givelify makes participating in GivingTuesday simple

We want to help you raise money for your organization on this special giving day. Donors are ready to be generous and donate on GivingTuesday. Help them find you with a well-designed plan made easy.

givingtuesday toolkit

The toolkit includes the following:

  • Copy-and-paste email and social media templates with images that you can personalize to inspire generosity 
  • Tips to make the most of Givelify’s donation app for nonprofits and a suite of donor-friendly features your supporters will love 
  • Resources to plan your campaign, tell your story, and get the word out

With these tried-and-tested tools, your nonprofit can prepare for GivingTuesday on November 28 and join the global generosity movement. 

Reserve your free toolkit from Givelify today. If you have any more questions about GivingTuesday and how to leverage it for nonprofit fundraising, please reach out to With Givelify, you can champion even more good and end the year stronger than ever! 

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