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Grow Congregational Giving: A Guide for Churches and Places of Worship

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Faith communities are remarkably generous. The 2024 Giving in Faith report reveals that an impressive 97% of U.S. faith-based givers actively participate in acts of generosity through financial contributions, volunteering, or donating items. 

But how can places of worship harness this generosity to propel their mission forward? 

Faith leaders hold the key to addressing this question. By delving into the psychology of giving and tapping into the latest insights on faith-based giving, they can cultivate a lasting culture of generosity within their congregations. 

With Givelify’s Guide to Congregational Giving, faith leaders can develop effective strategies to tap into their congregants’ generosity and establish a strong foundation for consistent church giving within their organizations. 

Leveraging the latest faith-based insights 

The Guide to Congregational Giving is grounded in the findings of the 2024 Giving in Faith report, developed by Givelify’s Philanthropic Data & Insights team in partnership with Indiana University’s Lake Institute on Faith & Giving

Drawing on the responses of nearly 3,000 faith leaders and people of faith surveyed across the U.S., the Giving in Faith report explores key trends in religious giving. As part of this study, respondents shared their perspectives on giving, community outreach, and technology, providing valuable insights into today’s giving landscape. 

In the Guide to Congregational Giving, we explore these exclusive insights and share how faith leaders can use them to enhance their overall church giving strategy. 

How churches and places of worship can grow congregational giving 

Let’s explore how faith leaders like you can leverage the guide’s insights and best practices to increase congregational giving year after year. 

Build a culture of generosity 

How often do you teach about giving? 

According to the National Study of Congregations’ Economic Practices (NSCEP), when churches teach giving, they see financial growth. Those who teach giving monthly see a 74% correlation to financial growth, and those teaching weekly see 90%. 

Building a culture of generosity is critical to the success of faith organizations. Faith leaders who strengthen their congregation’s pious beliefs see this reflected in their congregational giving, creating a powerful catalyst for generosity. 

Take a moment to reflect: What is your organization’s theology on giving? 

Explore more reflections like this and uncover the four essential steps to nurturing consistent generosity within your congregation. Get your free guide.

Lead generous communities  

How often do you ask your congregation about the unmet needs they see in the community?  

Places of worship serve as vital pillars within their communities, playing a crucial role in addressing and bridging the gap in the needs that arise. Through community outreach, places of worship extend their impact beyond their four walls. And this inclination to serve emanates from both faith leaders and congregants alike. 

Ninety-one percent of people of faith agree that helping those in need is a key reason to give. Consistent with this conviction, programs that address primary or essential needs, such as food pantries or clothing banks, emerged as the causes people of faith would like to support.

The stewardship of faith leaders in addressing unmet community needs, coupled with the generosity of congregants, is a formula for transformation that results in faith communities becoming a formidable force for impactful change. 

Take a moment to reflect: What community needs does your place of worship currently champion? 

Explore more reflections like this and see how one church champions causes to foster deeper engagement and drive impactful change. Get your free guide.

Leverage technology to grow giving  

What percentage of your congregational giving comes from digital methods? 

The advancement of technology, and most recently, the pandemic, has accelerated the increasing digitalization of worship and giving. Digital giving now makes up the majority of giving to places of worship, with 60% of the total annual income of places of worship coming from digital gifts. 

By embracing technology, places of worship can provide a better digital experience that meets the needs of increasingly tech-savvy congregants. 

Take a moment to reflect: What are your congregation’s communication channels? 

Explore more reflections like this and unlock four best practices for leveraging technology to stay connected and facilitate consistent giving. Get your free guide.

Enhance your annual giving strategy 

How will you inspire your congregants to give consistently throughout the year? 

In 2024, 98% of people of faith want to give the same or more money to at least one cause or organization. Your place of worship can tap into this generosity.  

Leveraging holidays, observances, and other special days provides ongoing opportunities to engage your congregation and encourage them to practice generosity. 

Identify special days that align with your faith and vision. Use them to make specific appeals throughout the year and further your fundraising efforts. 

Take a moment to reflect: What special observances and giving days does your place of worship observe during the year? 

Explore more reflections like this and get the 2024 planning calendar of observances and special days to inspire generosity throughout the year. Get your free guide.

Get your guide to congregational giving 

As the leader of your place of worship, you are the key to leading and growing a thriving congregation. With Givelify’s Guide to Congregational Giving, you can ensure your congregation’s financial well-being — allowing you to continue making a positive impact on the lives of others. 

No matter where you are in your journey toward reaching your financial goals, Givelify is committed to providing you with actionable tools and strategies to support your journey in growing consistent giving.  

Download your free copy of the Guide to Congregational Giving and explore additional resources to help you grow your giving in 2024 and beyond. 

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