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Should I Make a Donate Sign? 7 Easier Ways To Raise Awareness Around Your Cause

Donate signs have evolved. You no longer need to crack out the poster paint and get the most artistic member of the group to make the sign. This can all be done by graphic designers and a local print shop. 

But is the traditional donate sign the best way to showcase your cause? You may need something a little more unorthodox to capture a modern audience. Here are seven fresh ideas for you.

7 Creative Alternatives to Making a Donate Sign 

1. Start a Social Media Campaign 

Social media is quickly becoming an advertising must-have. It’s rare to come across a religious body or nonprofit that doesn’t have a Facebook page or Twitter handle. Not only is social media cheap marketing, but it also enables you to connect with your followers and, indeed attract new ones.

Other benefits of using social media to launch a campaign include the following: 

  • The fundraising event can happen digitally and include people from all over the world. 
  • Campaign management tools are simple to use.
  • Creating awareness is simple and depends on the shareability of the page.
  • It’s simple to incorporate digital tools such as videos and imagery.
  • Campaigns can be targeted to the ideal audience.

2. Join Online Communities and Forums 

Online communities and forums are necessary to encourage engagement. Thanks to social media, empower Digital Marketing revealed that 43% of people attend a local charity event, and 43% of people attend a local charity event thanks to social media. Can a stagnant donate sign draw so many people? Probably not.

In addition, social media and online communities allow you to foster relationships and charitable giving beyond the physical community. 

Fundraising apps also have their communities. For instance, Givelify has close to a million donors that your cause can tap into. 

3. Create a Public Experience 

People are often moved to give by being part of an experience, like an exhibit that shows the needs or potential of the cause.

Ask local artists to paint a mural or bands to give a concert to bring awareness to your nonprofit or to invite people to your church. What about a carnival or family fun day? More than a simple donate sign, these events create awareness.

Moreover, the event can be broadcasted to reach an even wider audience.

4. Offer Brand Merchandise 

Wearing your cause on a t-shirt or a hat allows you to promote your cause and share it while you’re on the move—unlike a donate sign that stays in one place. Cleverly designed attire goes a long way. Other great merchandise includes stationery, calendars, and water bottles. 

You can sell your merchandise if your cause has a strong enough brand. World Wildlife Fund and the American Red Cross are nonprofits that leverage their branding to support their cause financially. 

5. Arrange Fundraising Events 

A well-planned fundraising event with solid marketing can create far more hype for your cause than a donate sign planted in the yard. Careful planning and budgeting will go a long way, too.

Givelify can also help you organize a Givelithon (our feature-packed online fundraiser, newly updated in our all-new Analytics Studio) so you can see your donations coming in and thank the donors who are at the event—all in real time.

6. Create Valuable Content 

One of the best ways to engage your donors is through powerful imagery. Pictures and sounds can tell the story of your cause and evoke powerful emotions in your donors. Ways to do this include: 

  • Documentaries that capture all the facets of your cause
  • Photos that capture the critical milestones, goals, and dreams of your cause

One note: you want your content to be shareable. This allows supporters to share your content with others and increase awareness for your cause.

Visual content is one of many ways to achieve this. Music, podcasts, and books are powerful tools for sharing your message and mission.

7. Stir Up Excitement 

One of the best ways to stir excitement is to involve participants in a challenge. Pro golfer Chris Kennedy set a chain of events in motion that caused great publicity for the ALS Association. The ice bucket challenge in 2014 brought record donations to the ALS Association, enabling them to assist with medical bills and further research.  

Another way to inject fun into your cause is by planning a marathon, fun run, or other competition. 

What to Say When Asking for Donations 

A donor’s involvement in a cause is about more than just money. They want to feel part of the team and that their contribution is valuable. 

When asking for donations, try to mix things up a little. Instead of always asking for donations, you could ask for a pledge or a gift. You can also ask a potential donor to partner with your cause. It’s essential to be sincere and always has your mission at the center of the request.

Your donors should also know that contributions don’t have to be large or excessive to make a difference because every bit helps

A simple script can look like this: “Partner with us. Your contribution is valuable, and we appreciate you spending your resources to help us make this happen.” 

Can You Ask for Donations if You’re Not a Charity?

Any cause can ask for a donation. However, there are implications when it’s not a registered charity or nonprofit. Some things to consider include the following: 

  • There are no tax benefits for donors.
  • The recipient would need to declare the donations as income tax. 
  • Certain federal or state laws might prohibit these types of requests.
  • Donors may not have recourse if the funds are mismanaged.

Make sure you research these legal details before soliciting donations.

To Conclude 

We encourage your nonprofit or organization to use various platforms to promote your cause—from digital stories to fundraisers at a local venue. You may never need that donate sign.

Digital channels can also make it easier for donors to connect with your cause. Online giving and receiving donations has never been easier than with an online giving app like Givelify. Sign up for Givelify and set up for mobile donations in under 5 minutes. 

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