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Givelify Analytics Studio is here!


Givelify’s Analytics Studio has launched. All our Partners-in-Giving can now access more data and gain deeper insights that will help nonprofit and faith leaders connect and inspire their supporters.

This post explains the problems our organizations face in the post-pandemic world and the solution we’ve created that will bring the help you need.

Nonprofits and Faith Leaders: Our Partners-in-Giving  

Nonprofit and faith leaders’ daily job consists of mobilizing their resources — staff, volunteers, grants, and donations — in order to make a difference in the world.

To do that most effectively, our Partners-in-Giving need another level of support to help them connect with their communities both online and in person.  

However, the problem is they are working with both online and in-person communities that have become increasingly disconnected.

A post-pandemic future is still uncertain and can be confusing and overwhelming to navigate.  

Even more, nonprofit and faith leaders are the change-makers in this world. Challenging, inspiring, casting visions of a better world, and charting the course for your followers.

You and your supporters are our heroes. 

How might we support our partners-in-giving?

Two years ago, as we were analyzing our data, we realized that there were lots of good people in the world looking to do even more good, but needed technology to be an ally, not a hindrance.

As we dug further, we saw there was an opportunity to connect more of these good people with the causes or faith experiences that inspired them to action. 
At Givelify, we are energized by new challenges. We love innovating and use “How Might We” statements to take on the obstacles our heroes are facing.

As we continued to mold the opportunity we were discovering, we summarized it into “How might Givelify support organizations in expanding their donor base and supercharging generosity?” 
But with the pandemic hitting in 2020, and us all finding ourselves in a new normal, we had to expand the scope of our original HMW to include the opportunities that life after the pandemic would have to offer.    

So we revised our statement to “How might Givelify support organizations in expanding their donor base and supercharging generosity as we look forward to a post-pandemic world?” 

We hypothesized that in the post-pandemic world, faith communities and nonprofits will face new challenges. 

Even as in-person worship services and fundraisers return, there will still be a need to create engaging online experiences – all with the goal of keeping the physical and digital communities connected. 

We were already seeing that in a digital-driven world, it was near impossible to know all your members. 

More than ever, we knew it was critical for organizations to understand the giving habits of their donors to connect with more of them and keep them inspired as long-term donors.  

Introducing Analytics Studio!  

Nonprofit and faith leaders have been struggling now more than ever with an unknown future that feels disconnected from their online or in-person communities.

For this reason, Givelify has launched Analytics Studio, a super-charged version of the Givelify dashboard, to provide you with the powerful insights your organization needs to connect and engage your supporters and inspire generosity.  

In fact, it’s so much more than a dashboard that we had to give it a new name: Analytics Studio.       

With the all-new Analytics Studio, you get:   

  • Deeper Insights and analytics to help you better understand what motivates your donors  
  • The ability to connect and engage your donors to nurture generosity  
  • Seamless reporting and integration for effortless record-keeping across all your systems  
  • A beautiful way to find exactly what you need easily and quickly  
  • The ability to navigate the “new normal” of in-person and digital worship.   

Best of all, it’s 100% free.  

We Developed the Analytics Studio by Listening & Learning 

Our journey to create the Analytics Studio began with data. We analyzed over three billion dollars in giving, twenty-five million individual gifts from one million donors giving to sixty thousand organizations. 

Our team then spent over thirteen hundred hours attending worship services and observing administrative officers doing their jobs.  

We then used the insights we uncovered to design Analytics Studio in order to arm you with the knowledge you need to expand your donor base and supercharge generosity. 

What’s Included with Analytics Studio?  

Analytics Studio combines the tools you already know from the existing dashboard and adds powerful new capabilities into one convenient interface. Here are some highlights:    

Donor Intelligence 

Everything you need to know about your donors is now displayed in the Analytics Studio Dashboard.

You get powerful donor insights at a glance, including Giving Frequency, Giving Trends, and Giving Styles, which uses AI to analyze giving patterns and classify donors into five groups:

Donor Classification  

  • Consistent: Donors with a consistent weekly, bi-weekly or monthly giving pattern. 
  • Occasional: Donors without a regular giving pattern, but who do give occasionally. 
  • New: First-time donors remain in this category for four weeks, then become either “consistent” or “occasional.” 
  • Decreasing: Consistent donors who have become “occasional” over time. 
  • Inactive: Donors who have not given in the last 12 months. 


  • Visualize donor giving patterns
  • Engage with donors based on their giving journeys 
  • Increase overall giving 
  • Inspire donors to give more, making occasional donors consistent 
  • Identify new donors and send welcome and thank you messages

Advanced Donor Engagement Tools

Analytics Studio makes it easier to connect with and engage your donors by integrating tools from the existing dashboard and making numerous enhancements to them. These include:  

Faster, Easier Engagement: Faster access to donor messages (previously called Memos) and easy-to-use quick reply options. 

Improved Engagement Tools: Improvements to Social Giving and Givelithon make it easier than ever to inspire and engage with your donor community. 

Targeted Messaging: Send targeted messages to your donors directly from Analytics Studio and craft custom thank you messages (coming soon). 


  • Increase donor engagement with minimal effort 
  • Engage specific donors with custom messages 
  • Send broadcast messages to thank donors or remind them about important events  

Customized Giving Solutions

Analytics Studio gives you faster access to the customizable fundraising tools you already use while adding enhancements that make fundraising easier and more impactful.  

Your Mission, Your Brand: Make Givelify your own and put your organization’s brand front and center by adding your logo, banner images, faith leader’s photo, and mission statement. 

Online Giving: Bring the ease and beauty of Givelify to your website and email communications. Our donation button makes it easy for your donors to give online. No coding required. Go live in minutes with a simple copy and paste.

Social Giving: Supercharge your fundraising with powerful, easy-to-use social giving tools.  You get automatically generated social media posts containing your custom giving link. Your donors get one-click access to your online giving from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other social media platforms. 

Custom Envelopes: Boost fundraising by empowering your donors to give to the causes and campaigns they are passionate about. You can even set funding goals and expiration dates to further increase giving. 


  • Easily share your online giving link via social media, email, or text message 
  • Add a Givelify donation button to your website and emails without code.  


Analytics Studio also includes Givelithon, now redesigned to make it easier to use and more powerful than ever.

Kickstart mobile giving at your fundraising event by showing a live feed of all incoming donations and a running donation tally.

You can also include the fundraising goal you are trying to achieve, and show how much you have left to raise. 


  • Create excitement and a sense of community for important causes 
  • Publicly recognize and thank donors for their contributions 
  • Jumpstart the adoption of Givelify within your donor base to increase giving over the long-term

Financial Reports

Analytics Studio makes it easy to track every donation with built-in donation management tools, view daily deposits and even break them down by donor.

And when you’re ready to reconcile accounts or compile end-of-year reports, Analytics Studio makes it easy.  


  • Powerful tracking and insights into your donations 
  • Easier, faster reconciliation with your bank account 
  • Easier end-of-year accounting 

Third Party Integrations

Analytics Studio provides six brand new integrations for the most popular donor and financial management platforms. Seamlessly maintain financial records across all your systems.

Quickly import donation records into your financial or donation management software.  


  • Faster and easier transfer of donation data from Givelify to major donor management and church management software 
  • More accurate reconciliation and faster end-of-year reporting 
  • Compatible with all leading platforms

How Can I Access Analytics Studio? 

Simply log into your account at and Analytics Studio will automatically display in place of your old dashboard with all of your data intact.

Want to switch back? No problem, simply click the link at the lower left of the screen. Your data will be there, too.  

Of course, Givelify is still the simple online giving solution that you love. But with the advantages of all the Analytics Suite has to offer, you can set sail knowing you are prepared for any future, come what may.  

The Future Looks Bright 

With the Analytics Studio, you are become better equipped to carry out your mission.

You’ll understand what drives your supporters, why and when they get energized. Your donations will increase as a result of the insights you gain. 
Everyone on board wants to know that they are understood. Your community thrives when they are connected. Analytics Studio will help you give them just that.  

Need support on how to use the Analytics Studio?   

We are here to support you! Please reach out to your Giving Success Coach or with any questions.


About the Author

Meghana Bailey

Meghana is an experienced product manager who guides the vision and roadmap for our products, leading cross-functional teams to bring these products to life.

Meghana Bailey