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The fastest, easiest mobile app for church giving and nonprofit donations.
Accurately track donations for taxes.

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Churches & Nonprofits

Your own custom mobile app for church giving or nonprofit fundraising.
No sign-up or monthly fees–ever.


  • New Psalmist Baptist Church has almost 10,000 members and they all have smartphones and iPads so they can use the app to donate during service or from anywhere else. As a traveling minister, Givelify is my preferred choice whether I'm giving to my home church or any church I’m visiting.

  • Givelify has identified what a lot of people feel. They're inspired to give but forget the checkbook, don't have access to a computer, or don't want to log in to our website during service. Even our online giving doesn't give the person opportunity to give in service or spontaneously.

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Customizing your church or charity app makes fundraising easier and more beautiful than text donations. Here are some examples of what current members are doing.

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