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Givelify Community Gives Over $4.3M on GivingTuesday 2022

GivingTuesday thank you

GivingTuesday is the day that generosity is celebrated all around the world. Thank you to our generous Givelify community of over 1 million donors and 55,000 organizations for raising more than $4.3 million in donations this GivingTuesday using our online and mobile giving app.

Thank you to our generous donors for going above and beyond to make GivingTuesday a success for the churches, places of worship, nonprofits, and causes you care the most about with one simple, joyful gift at a time!

And congratulations to all faith and nonprofit leaders and organizations who partnered with us, downloaded the Givelify toolkits for congregations and nonprofits, and worked to get the word out about their cause or program through email, social media, in person, and other channels.

From food and housing security, women’s causes, youth programs, and education, churches, houses of worship, and nonprofits across the nation are sure to make an enormous impact across communities.

GivingTuesday by the numbers

Let’s look at the results:

  • 23,000+ donors made generous gifts on Givelify
  • Nearly 9,500 organizations received a gift to do more good
  • Donors gave over $4.3 million to benefit their favorite organizations and the causes closest to their hearts

Donors joined millions of others worldwide to participate in this global generosity movement. Just imagine all the good coming from this National Day of Giving.

GivingTuesday thank you

What happens after GivingTuesday?

The biggest day of giving of 2022 has come and gone, but it doesn’t have to be over. To maintain momentum and your connection to donors — including some who may have donated for the first time — what should your organization do next? Here are five helpful tips.

#1: Say “thank you” to all your GivingTuesday donors

Make sure to thank everyone who volunteered their time or donated on GivingTuesday. Whether it’s an email, text, call, or letter, make your gratitude as personal as possible.

You can also consider saying “thank you” in a unique way. You could share a video or create a donor wall on your website or social media platform.

Bonus tip: Turn to page 27 of your GivingTuesday toolkit for free “thank you” templates that you can quickly copy, paste, and send.

#2: Share what you accomplished together

It’s time to celebrate! Confirm that you reached your goal with the help of your donors.

Or, let people know exactly how you will use the donations to support your specific causes. Tell individual stories and include pictures to encourage ongoing support and generosity.

#3: Welcome your GivingTuesday donors to the family

You can engage new donors by telling them more about your organization and the work you do in your community.

GivingTuesday is a beautiful way to attract new donors, so welcome them as valued contributors to your church, house of worship, or nonprofit.

#4: Detail ways to get involved

You can also let your donors know other ways to get involved in person and online. Share with them your upcoming volunteer days, other fundraising campaigns, or times of fellowship on your organization’s calendar. Also, invite your donors to sign up for recurring donations with the Givelify app.

#5: Include your GivingTuesday donors going forward

You can add all your donors to your mailing list so they will receive all future communications from your organization. This is an opportunity to deepen your connection with your donors and demonstrate all the good your organization does throughout the year.

Keep doing good with Givelify

Givelify is the most loved and trusted online and mobile giving platform because of you! Along with our powerful donation management system, it’s the fastest-growing technology for advancing generosity in the world.

We’re a global community of more than 1 million generous people who support their favorite churches, places of worship, nonprofits, and causes across more than 55,000 organizations.

And we’re here to serve our partners with opportunities, including GivingTuesday, to put more good into the world.

Our giving partners and donors are the heroes of this day. Thank you!

We would love to hear from you. Do you have a great cause you championed for GivingTuesday? Do you have a unique story from this National Day of Giving?

Please share it with us for an opportunity to be featured on the Givelify blog and continue growing donations for your cause. Please email us your name, your organization’s name, and a short description to


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