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Nonprofit Apps: Can They Really Make a Difference?

Apps have been an important part of the strategy of many nonprofits. This is because more and more aspects of our lives are digital. Yet, some organizations doubt the impact of nonprofit apps.

They fear that an app can be a waste of resources. For that reason, they have ruled out apps from their strategies. But, the truth is that apps offer many benefits for nonprofits.

With the correct strategy, an app can make a big difference in the business of the nonprofit. It can even improve the relationship with the community.

The Benefits of Nonprofit Apps

There are several types of apps. For example, through donation apps, nonprofits can better manage their fundraising initiatives. Meanwhile, with management apps, they can improve the handling of tasks and projects, and boost the joint effort of employees, volunteers, and providers.

Connect and Engage

People can find your nonprofit easier through an app. For example, 25% of volunteers use apps to find causes. They also sign up for volunteer activities, according to a survey by Nonprofit Source. This is because through an app people can:

  • Get all the information about your mission.
  • Register to support and give donations.
  • Get the latest updates about your activities.
Also, an app will allow you to reach a wider audience. Take as an example what happened during Giving Tuesday 2020 when 8,000 organizations obtained donations from 18,700 generous donors through Givelify.
This was possible thanks to the  Givelify app feature Trending Causes, which allows donors to discover and donate to causes close to their hearts. An app can become a powerful vehicle for nonprofits. It can increase awareness.
On top of that, it streamlines donations and boosts a nonprofit’s mission. It also generates a direct connection between the nonprofit and the community. Thus, the nonprofit can better show its mission and the causes they champion.

Improve Efficiency

Managing a non-profit is not easy. It requires the coordination of several tasks. Moreover, it also demands that you make the right decisions at the right time. But the day-to-day complexity can be challenging, and not all members will be on the same page. As a result, the organization does not advance at the correct pace. Employees get confused and frustrated and the businesses waste resources which limits the impact of your mission.

Apps can help nonprofits to be more efficient. For example, some have implemented apps to handle their communication. With this, they improved the cooperation between employees and volunteers. It also creates constant flows of information. This allows them to keep track of tasks and projects.

Some nonprofits recruit and train volunteers with apps. World Cleanup Day is a great example of how to use an app to boost teamwork. In 2020, with the TrashOut App, World Cleanup Day was able to:

  • Coordinate the efforts of 11 million volunteers from 166 countries. The volunteers knew what to do and where.
  • Map and collect 43 tons of waste.
  • Save 12 billion liters of water from pollution.
  • Keep track of 33 million volunteer hours.
A group of happy non profit volunteers cleaning up some roadside litter

Increase Security and Transparency

Nonprofit apps allow transactions to be safer. For example, community members don’t need to use cash or checks to donate. This makes them have a more enjoyable and secure experience. It also allows receiving the contribution quicker.

Through the app, the organization can track all the transactions. This guarantees 100% transparency about all its activities, which creates deeper trust between the nonprofit and the community.

Transparency is very important for today’s donors. It is estimated that about one-third of Americans do not trust that charities spend their funds well.

How do Non-profits Create Apps?

Non-profits can take various routes to create apps. One of those routes is to hire a development company. In fact, there are app development companies that work only with non-profits. These companies have vast experience working with different causes. Depending on the project they may not be cheap, but in most cases will deliver a high-quality product.

Another alternative to creating an app is volunteers. This alternative is cheaper. But sadly, it does not always give good results since development teams may not have all the resources they need. Also, in some cases, projects are abandoned. This is due to the lack of commitment of the developers.

The third route is to find an app created by a third party. These apps meet the specific needs of non-profits. For example, there are apps for project management or fundraising. These apps are backed by reputable companies. This guarantees you would get an app with the best technology.

Take Givelify for example. This app allows any non-profit or church to manage its fundraising. Thanks to Givelify, non-profits don’t have to invest resources to develop an app.

How do Non-profits apps Help Make a Profit

Nonprofit apps make a profit in several ways. The first and most common is through collecting donations. But apps can also work to sell branded products and services. For example, some nonprofits sell tickets, event tables, and sponsorships for their events.

Other nonprofits hold their fundraising events completely virtual. Moreover, some apps include features like silent auctions and marketplaces. As a result, nonprofits are able to create a source of income when they get the most out of whatever app they choose.


Apps can have a profound impact on the performance of a nonprofit. For example, creating a deeper bond with the community can boost the reputation of the nonprofit.

Non-profit apps can even improve donations and create new income streams.

People demand more digital experiences. For this reason, nonprofits must embrace new technologies. In fact, through technology nonprofits can generate more positive impacts.

With Givelify you can take the first step into the digital age. The app allows nonprofits to connect with a vast community of donors.

Furthermore, it also provides tools for tracking, managing, and planning donation campaigns. This powerful app is easy to use and can fit into the strategies of any nonprofit or church.

Sign up for Givelify and get set up for mobile donations in under 5 minutes.

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