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7 Ways to Celebrate Be Kind to Humankind Week

practice kindness

August 25-31 is Be Kind to Humankind Week, an annual celebration to remind us to practice kindness. Here’s a daily guide of activities to help you put more good into the world and suggested nonprofit organizations you can support with a donation.

Thursday: Be thoughtful

Thursday is the day to think of those around you intentionally. Leave a more-generous-than-usual tip for someone who serves you. Write a note of appreciation on a receipt. Pick up somebody’s tab at the coffee shop. Let’s all practice intentional acts of kindness on Thoughtful Thursday. 

Consider donating to Giving Hope and Help in Lees Summitt, Missouri, here.

Friday: Feed your friends

Who doesn’t love to receive baked goods or a home-cooked meal? Take the opportunity to share some edible kindness with a friend, neighbor, or stranger. You could also donate nonperishable food items to a local food bank or homeless shelter.

Even something as simple as cooking your family’s favorite meal, paying for the person behind you in line in the drive-thru, or treating a friend to lunch can make someone’s day.

Consider giving to Feeding America in Chicago here.

Saturday: Speak kind words

Consider giving a shoutout to your favorite nonprofit organization or charity on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram platform to thank them for their work. Even easier, call out the good you observe in someone else today. If you notice something great about someone around you, compliment them! 

Show your support for Brother Let’s Talk in Birmingham, Alabama, here.

Sunday: Sacrifice your wants for others’ needs 

What are your plans for Sunday? Offer to drive someone who has trouble getting around. If you’re meeting up for dinner at a friend’s house, offer to clean up when the meal is over. Find small (or big!) ways to demonstrate that you care about the needs of others.  

If you’re attending worship service today at your church or place of worship – in person or virtually – donate to them.  

Or celebrate BKHK Week with a donation to the American Red Cross online here.   

Monday: Encourage 

We all need a little encouragement once in a while. On Monday, take a moment to encourage someone in your path. Send an uplifting card to someone you know may be struggling, or take a moment to sit and talk with someone who needs a listening ear. 

Help Letters of Hope in Woodbridge, Virginia, continue to raise funds here.  

Tuesday: Touch a heart 

Consider volunteering time or energy for a cause you support or donating gently used clothes or toys to your local shelter. Spend time with someone you haven’t seen in a long time. The list of creative possibilities is endless, and you probably have your own ideas. Tuesday is the day to lift someone.  

Donate to a charity you love, such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northeast Kansas.

Wednesday: Lend a handpractice kindness

Is there something you have always wanted to do to give back but haven’t yet started? Maybe you want to start recycling to help make the world a better place for future generations. 

Maybe you want to help serve meals at the local soup kitchen. Have you ever considered getting involved in foster care or other advocacy groups? Wednesday is the day to take the first step. You (and the people you impact) will never regret your extra effort.  

Consider donating to Habitat for Humanity of Corpus Christi Inc. 

How to practice kindness every day 

Get out there and spread your infectious kindness to the world! Create a positive atmosphere by building others up — even after Be Kind to Humankind Week ends.   

And as always, Givelify is here to help you practice kindness through digital giving. Our giving community comprises more than 55,000 churches, places of worship, nonprofits, and over 1 million donors who have given more than $3 billion.   

The donors and organizations that make up our giving community are experts at changing the world with their kindness and generosity. We are experts at bringing joy, beauty, and simplicity to the giving experience through online and mobile app giving.    

Let’s continue to practice random acts of kindness together!  

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