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GivingTuesday Keeps on Giving

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Did you hear about the amazing results of GivingTuesday at Givelify?  

More than 23,000 donors gave gifts via Givelify’s donation app for nonprofits and places of worship for GivingTuesday, which was celebrated this year on Nov. 29.  

Nearly 9,500 organizations in our giving community received over $4.3 million to do more good in their communities and around the world. We are so thankful for this outpouring of generosity!  

But does the desire to give or the need for donations both suddenly go away after GivingTuesday, which annually falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving? Absolutely not! An organization’s mission continues year-round. And givers still have time to keep supporting the organizations and causes that make a difference in communities.   

We’d like to introduce 10 Givelify organizations that participated in GivingTuesday and have ongoing projects. They still need your help! If you are so inspired, consider sending a financial gift to any of the organizations listed below. All have a giving page on Givelify’s donation app for nonprofits and places of worship.  

#1:  The Corey Donaldson Foundation (Sanford, Florida)   

Founded by Sharon Presley after the death of her brother, the Corey Donaldson Foundation Inc. wants African Americans in Central Florida to get the support and resources they need to overcome daily challenges and elevate their lives.   

The Corey Donaldson Foundation provides science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs for students, as well as mental health services, small business education, and literacy programs.  

You can partner with them financially to help improve lives in Central Florida.   

#2:  Triumphant Outreach Ministry (Humble, Texas)   

Triumphant Outreach Ministry, led by founder Lolita Hill, provides community resources, monthly visits to the homeless to provide donated necessities, back-to-school supplies and backpacks for kids, and utility and rental assistance. This holiday season, Triumphant Outreach Ministries is giving toys, a pair of shoes, and clothing to 100 children!  

Help them to “empower, encourage, equip, and educate” those in their community.  

#3:  Helping Hands and Resources Corp (Leesburg, Florida)  

Helping Hands and Resource Corp. provides low-income communities with resources and services. They also sponsor an annual Christmas Toy Drive called Presents from the Angel Tree. This year, they’ll provide gifts to 50 children, ages 3-4, at  local Head Start Centers.   

You can help by donating to Helping Hands and Resources Corp.  

#4: Mission Light of Life (Stockton, California)   

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. An estimated 24%  of its population falls below the extreme poverty line. 

Mission Light of Life serves men, women, and children throughout Haiti. They provide resources for children in orphanages, housing, medical care, education, food, and clean drinking water for all ages.   

You can show your support for Mission Light of Life by giving an online donation today.   

#5:  Growth Project (Saint Cloud, Florida)  

Girls in Laikipia County, Kenya, face problems with managing their menses in a healthy way due to poor sanitation and a lack of  menstrual products.   

Unfortunately, some even drop out of school. The Growth Project provides sanitary pads to these girls to help them sustain good health and hygiene and remain in school.  

Dr. Simon Kariuki, Chief Executive Officer of the Growth Project, and his team hope to empower 1,000 impoverished girls by providing them with sanitary pads for at least six months.  

You can be part of this important work by donating to the Growth Project.  

#6:  Let’s Have a Heart Foundation (Palmdale, California)   

Let’s Have a Heart gives clothing, hygiene products, toys, face masks, hand sanitizer, and more to the homeless and veterans. One day, they hope to have several facilities where they can house, feed, clothe, and educate people in need.  

Keep the goodness of GivingTuesday going by supporting the Let’s Have a Heart Foundation.  

#7:  Giving is Living Inc. (San Antonio, Texas)  

The mission of Giving is Living is to stop hunger in their community and to bring safety and awareness to abused women and children. They believe it just takes a little love and compassion to change a life!  

Please support them with a donation today.

#8: Broken Shackles Prison and Street Outreach Ministry (Pensacola, Florida)  

Founder Gloria Woods knows what it’s like to have a family member incarcerated. Based on her pain and struggles, she authored a book, Broken Shackles: A Mother’s Journey, and began advocating for prisoners’ rights with legislators in Tallahassee, Florida.   

Now, she has started the Broken Shackles Prison and Street Outreach Ministry to provide clothing and help for the homeless and gifts for children of incarcerated parents.   

You can support Broken Shackles through digital giving via Givelify.  

#9: United Family Mission (Lanham, Maryland)   

United Family Mission has a mission in the U.S. to provide nutritious meals to the homeless population, low-income families, and senior citizens in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area. The nonprofit also aims to provide sustainable water projects to communities in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Could you give today to United Family Mission?

#10:  Victory Life Foundation (Victorville, California)

Victory Life Foundation is doing remarkable things for youth worldwide, as well as raising funds and donated supplies for disaster relief in the Philippines. In October, a typhoon struck the islands, affecting more than 2 million people.  

Will you help the Victory Life Foundation support the people of the Philippines?  

Other ways a donation app for nonprofits can help    

There are so many great causes and organizations that you can find on Givelify. In addition to your favorites and the organizations mentioned here, you can check out our Trending Cause feature.   

When you select one of our trending themes, you instantly see a list of initiatives from organizations near you working to make a difference in that area.   

For example, this year, after Hurricanes Ian and Fiona hit, and givers like you were looking for ways to help the victims, the Trending Cause feature made an enormous difference in locating vetted organizations.  

There is still time to do even more good in 2022 by making a tax-deductible, year-end gift to the organization of your choice before the clock strikes midnight. Learn about great causes by downloading the  Givelify donation app for nonprofits and places of worship.   

It takes five minutes to connect to thousands of organizations and donors.


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