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Is Givelify’s Giving App Secure and Safe?

Did you know that October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month? Is Givelify’s giving app secure? Yes. At Givelify, every month is cybersecurity month. Since your financial security is our utmost concern, our number one priority is ensuring that our giving app is secure. We go above and beyond so that your donors know that their generosity won’t make them vulnerable to malicious attacks and unauthorized access.

Givers Trust their Faith Organizations

Your organization depends on the generosity of those you lead, and online donors need protection from potential dangers. Cyberattacks — breaches in information systems — happen every 39 seconds. They affect one in three Americans every year, which leads to a heightened fear in sharing personal information, particularly financial information. With 94 percent of faith leaders saying that online and mobile giving is here to stay, it most definitely should feel and be safe and secure.

Security is Our Priority

Trusted by more than 45,000 places of worship and nonprofit organizations, Givelify meticulously verifies the identity of every organization in our records and utilizes the most robust secure payment processing methods. Givelify not only meets industry standards and uses rigorous verification processes, but also delivers security and privacy you can trust.

“Beyond apps and interfaces, Givelify is designed to make the experience of giving as beautiful as the act of giving.”

The experience of online and mobile giving is made beautiful by protecting the safety and security of your personal and financial information as though it were our own.

Is Givelify’s Giving App Secure? See Givelify’s Security Promise

To keep your organization and donors safe, we have a strenuous process that convergences of people, processes, and technology to protect everyone’s information and the process of giving. We are committed to bringing you the best in class security so that your donors can experience the ease and joy of giving online. We offer:

  • Secure payment processing. Givelify never stores card data on your phone. Transactions are processed using the latest, most advanced fraud prevention and security methods including tokenization.​
  • Enterprise-level encryption. We use industry-reviewed, military-grade encryption standards including SSL to protect all confidential and sensitive data at the point of collection, during transmission, and while at rest.
  • 24/7 monitoring. All systems are monitored and logged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for potentially fraudulent, malicious, or erroneous transactions so we can proactively address any issue.
  • PCI compliance. Givelify has partnered with Worldpay, the industry leaders in security and payment processing, to deliver state-of-the-art, PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant payment processing.
  • World-class data centers. Givelify uses the same Amazon Web Services data centers trusted by some of the world’s leading companies to provide rich controls and security accreditations.
  • Meticulous verification. Givelify meticulously verifies the identity of every registered organization in our records, helping prevent fraudulent organizations from setting up accounts and receiving funds via Givelify.

Givelify’s Strategy + Giving Best Practices = CyberSafe

As National Cybersecurity Awareness Month comes to an end, we would be remiss not to mention the best practices for individuals to keep in mind for safe online and mobile giving. Keep your home WiFi network secure, create complex, non-repeating passwords, and stay wary of requests for personal information through email. By taking these steps, you are proactively protecting yourself from cybercrimes. Remember, with a Givelify account, there is no need to share passwords. Each officer can get their own account for free with their own personal unique password.

For more tips on creating your own personal cyber strategy, download 8 Tips for a Generous Heart that’s CyberSmart. Share these tips with your community of donors so they too can practice cyber safety.

A Space for Joyful Generosity

Is Givelify’s Giving App Secure? Yes. A secure giving app for your donors offers peace of mind for you and your organization. Donors’ accounts are safe along with their personal information. When their giving experience is safe and secure, donors will continue to give and give generously. You and your donors will remain delighted by focusing solely on the joy of giving. Givelify transforms giving by combining good intentions, cybersafe technology, and generous action to bring your organization into the future of online giving.

When it comes to security, convenience, low fees, and accurate record-keeping, online and mobile giving is leading the charge as the preferred giving option for churches and nonprofits across the country. Safety is the number one concern on most anyone’s minds these days. Try Givelify for free today and give your donors peace of mind when they’re making their beautiful donations.

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8 Tips for a Generous Heart that’s CyberSmart

  1. Lock Your Mobile Device. When giving online from a mobile app, lock your device by using a PIN number or fingerprint ID.
  2. Make Sure You Give on a Secure Network. Only use secure networks and encryption when joining Wi-Fi accounts that are not your own.
  3. Don’t use unencrypted WiFi networks. And if you do use free WiFi hotspots, try not to access highly personal sites like your bank accounts.
  4. Use a password manager. That and two-factor authentication keeps your online data safe.
  5. Secure your Wi-Fi Network. Your home’s wireless router is the primary entrance for cybercriminals to access all of your connected devices. Secure your Wi-Fi network and your digital devices by changing the factory-set default password and username.
  6. Don’t make passwords easy to guess. Do not include personal information in your passwords such as your name or pets’ names. This information is often easy to find on social media, making it easier for cybercriminals to hack your accounts.
  7. Unique account, unique password. Having different passwords for various accounts helps prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to these accounts and protect you in the event of a breach. It’s important to mix things up – find easy-to-remember ways to customize your standard password for different sites.
  8. Be wary of personal information requests. Phishing attacks use email or malicious websites to infect your machine with malware and viruses in order to collect personal and financial information. We never request passwords, Social Security numbers, or bank account information via email.

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 Source: Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, October 2020

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