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Security vs. Speed: Verifying Your Church Giving App

We live in an age of instant gratification. Okay, Google. Hey, Siri. Deliver it. Hail a ride. Order coffee. It seems like everything we do these days, we expect results right now. Givelify was built to make giving and receiving donations easy, beautiful, and fast. But when it comes to setting up your church giving app, we feel it’s important to balance speed with security.

What Is the Account Verification Process?

When your place of worship signs up with Givelify, it can take one to two business days to verify your legal information. This means we ensure that the legal information you provide (church name, address, phone number, etc.) is valid, and that the I.R.S. recognizes your organization as a church or registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Beyond the I.R.S. verification, we also take a number of proprietary steps to confirm the legitimacy of every organization that signs up. Between the legal and other verification procedures, this can take some time to complete. Plus, depending on the number of new organizations that sign up on a given day, we may have dozens and dozens of account verifications to get through on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can learn more about our verification process here.

Fraud Prevention Helps Everyone

All organizations that enroll with Givelify as their church giving app must wait until this initial verification process is complete before adding their banking information. In fact, we don’t even provide the option to do so. This is because we take people’s information security and hard-earned money very seriously. To prevent fraud, we will not allow any funds to be transferred before an organization is legally verified.

By virtually eliminating fraudulent money transfers, churches and nonprofits can be sure that Givelify is protecting them in every way possible. Combined with security safeguards including PCI-DSS compliance, SSL and military-grade data encryption, and 24×7 system monitoring and logging, we keep security top-of-mind.

These same security measures also benefit church members and other donors. Anyone donating via the Givelify mobile giving app can trust that every registered member organization is exactly who they say they are.

You and Your Church Giving App Deserve It

We know you want to get up and running as quickly as possible. We take every possible measure to verify and approve new accounts with speed and efficiency so you can start receiving donations. But isn’t knowing that your account is safe and secure worth a little bit of a wait?

Still need to register your organization for Givelify? We’re here to help you get started.

About the Author

Amanda Slodysko

As an Account Associate, Amanda ensures our members receive top-notch service and helps guide organizations through the signup process. She also volunteers with a political nonprofit.

Amanda Slodysko