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What Is a Givelify Anyway?

Givelify is a beautiful fundraising tool for any place of worship or nonprofit. More and more organizations sign up to accept mobile donations using the Givelify mobile giving app every day — and yours could be next.

Now is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with Givelify as a company. Why is it called Givelify? Who came up with the idea? What sets this app apart from other giving options?

How The Givelify Mobile Giving App Came About

A profound passion for helping charities do more and the supportive tech community in Indianapolis inspired and enabled founders Wale Mafolasire and Tayo Ademuyiwa, M.D., to create the Givelify mobile giving app.

When Wale reached for his wallet to give money at church, he realized he had no cash to put in the offering plate. He promised himself that he would make it up the following Sunday, but when the next Sunday arrived, he found himself in the same situation.

Wale’s lack of cash wasn’t just a problem at church. While attending a charity fundraiser, he listened as the organization’s president delivered a powerful speech. He was moved to give, so he took a pledge card. Three months later, while cleaning off the desk in his office, Walle discovered the pledge card he had never sent.

Tayo experienced similar situations. “How many times have you passed by the Salvation Army bucket and had nothing but loose change in your pocket but go on to spend hundreds of dollars using plastic in the mall or local supermarket?” asked Tayo. “What if you could pull out your smartphone and donate directly to the Salvation Army’s account?”

That’s how the idea for the Givelify mobile giving app was born. If someone is ready to give, they should be able to give right then and there — even if they aren’t carrying cash or checks.

What’s With The Name?

Now that you know how Givelify started, you may wonder how it got its name. To understand the name, all you need to do is consider what Givelify is. What do you use Givelify for? Giving. What makes Givelify such a beautiful way to give? It’s simple.

Giving. Simplified. Combine these two words, and you get Givelify.

What Makes Our Product Unique?

The Givelify mobile giving app is different from your average payment processor. With other giving options, like text-to-give, the person has to remember a short code or fill out a lengthy form filled with personal information to make a donation.

With Givelify, on the other hand, a donation can be made in just three taps. When it can be that easy, why give any other way?

Not only is Givelify the easiest giving option available, but it can also enhance live fundraising events in remarkable ways. Using the Givelithon feature, a live tally of incoming donations can be projected during the event. This gets attendees excited about giving and helping the organization reach its goal in real time.


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