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Team Givelify Visits the Most Magical Place on Earth with the Disney Institute

A few weeks ago, Neeraj, Victoria, Tayo, Amanda, Matt and 15+ other members of the Givelify Team landed in sunny Orlando for an inside look at Disney.

Ever wonder how Disney brings the magic?

Our team had a unique, 3-day experience — talking on business topics like leadership excellence, employee engagement, and quality service, and then witnessing it all come to life in Disney parks and resorts.

Back at HQ in Indy, we now have a stack full of new ideas and strategies for #Givelify2019.

Here are the team’s 10 take-aways from the Disney Institute:


  • The extent to which you care for your people is the extent to which they will care for your customers – and each other.
  • It’s vital for a company to foster a collaborative environment that draws on the creative resources of your entire organization.
  • A carefully designed company culture creates an environment that allows every employee in the organization to be fully engaged and successful throughout his or her career.
  • When leaders learn how to communicate with a leadership vision, it will inspire dedication and commitment among all employees.


  • One common mistake organizations make is thinking that customer service is purely external.
  • Be intentional in providing exceptional service. Exceptional service is achievable for every organization because exceptional service is architected from the systems and processes that an organization controls.
  • Be intentional in setting a standard of excellence externally and internally.


  • Leaders set the strategy of any business and make it meaningful by aligning the whole organization on the brand promise.
  • Strategically focus on key business functions and opportunities that will bring the company consistent business results.
  • There is power in telling your brand story and connecting with people’s emotions.

In the words of George Kalogridis, President, WDW Resort “…it’s not the ‘magic’ that makes it work — it’s the method. It’ a deliberate process that is continually reinforced by leaders and peers alike…” —

Thanks to the Disney Institute for hosting us and for the transformational company experience!

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

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