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Your Complete Guide to Church Social Media Content Ideas

Now that we’ve looked at the best practices for all major social networks, you know how to post well. But thinking of reasons to post and coming up with content ideas can be tough.

If you have social media writer’s block, never fear: we’ll get you started with a complete guide to church social media content ideas.

Post Preview Content to Social Media Days Before a Service

Weekly “preview” videos from a pastor or leader

African American Man holding a red paper youtube play button and smiling

Use this to get your (public) announcements out before your service and to focus your audience on the theme of the sermon or series.

Share the list of songs ahead of time

Doing this gives people a chance to check out songs they don’t know before attending the service. This is especially helpful if your church uses new or unfamiliar music.

Take it to the next level by creating a YouTube playlist of all the songs!

Hands in the air during praise and worship

Share Content about Your Congregation on Social Media During Service

Start a live stream…

If you’re not streaming yet, check out our beginner’s guide on doing it low-budget, using just a smartphone and an app. If you are streaming, make sure it’s on!

Also, consider sending your stream over Facebook Live or YouTube additionally. You’ll gain social synergy by doing so.

 …and point people to it

It’s one thing to run a live stream, and it’s another to have someone creating normal posts during the service pointing people to that live stream.

If you have the personnel to spare, give this a try and watch your streaming audience grow.

Live Tweet a quote

Have someone on the tech team post a solid quote as soon as they hear it. This has a fresh, breaking-news feel to it.

Highlight photos of people doing good

Every so often, post a pic of the parking lot crew, the greeters, or the youth group or nursery doing its thing. Show off your vibrant and joyful volunteers to your community.

Choir and pastor smiling at church wearing green robes

Publish Church Service Highlights to Social Media on Sunday Evening

Post photos overlaid with scripture relevant to the sermon

Help your listeners reflect on the truths they just learned.

Share thought-provoking quotations from the most recent message

This can remind your audience about a critical point, and it can also pique the interest of those who didn’t hear the message.

Publish video sermon highlights

Think of it like a pull quote or a block quote, in video form. Draw your audience in with a particularly engaging or strong 1-to-2-minute segment from the message.

People looking at a calendar on a laptop with the number seventeen circled

Share Timely Content On Your Church’s Social Media Throughout the Year

Respond to Current Events

After a tragedy or a weather event, use social media to let your community know that you care and how you’re offering help.

Your acts of kindness and mercy can be shared throughout your community.

Preplan your Holidays

A holiday is a great time for a relevant and visually engaging post, but there’s a problem: no one’s in the office to create them.

To post effectively on holidays, you need to build a schedule and create your posts ahead of time so that you only need a couple of clicks on the holiday itself to get the post up.

Spark Interest in Special Events

Post teasers and previews in the weeks leading up to a community event or youth bash. Include a call to action, like “click to sign up.”

After the event, post a photo series showing the great time everyone had.

Ask Questions

If photos tend to garner views, questions lead to engagement. Ask a question related to the current study, or something more general like “What’s the next spiritual step you need to take?”

Bonus points if your question is in picture form! But beware: posting questions and failing to follow up with the responses will be off-putting to many.

Pro Tip: Engagement Boosters

Take your church social media content to the next level by creating a multiple-choice question or a caption contest. These can be fun, unserious posts; it’s ok!

Posts like these boost engagement, which has a positive effect on your page overall and can even boost the visibility of other posts, on some platforms.

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This is part of our series on Social Media for Churches. If you haven’t already, go back and check out the previous posts on best practices for FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube.

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