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Guide To Donation Tracker Apps for Faith Leaders

Faith leaders often need to find a way to raise funds. Whether it is funding to keep the organization’s basic needs met or for special projects, fundraising is a big part of the process. This difficult process can be made much easier by using a donation tracker app. Here’s our guide on How to Set Up Our Donation Tracker App for Your Church

And, it is more complex and difficult to do than ever thanks to fewer people coming into religious activities as often. The pandemic also created fewer “touchpoints” for faith leaders to embrace their members openly and in person. That is one of the reasons donation tracker apps are so important today. They are a hot topic because they work, providing a solution to a nearly dire situation.

What is a Donation Tracker App?

A donation tracker app is a simple application a person downloads onto their smartphone. They can also pull it up on their laptop. The app allows the person to make donations in real-time. There is no delay. The person can donate anywhere and as much or as often as they like. Once in place, this type of app enables faith leaders to once again pull in their members for the financial support they need. It’s a simple and fun way to keep people interested, too.

How Do I Track Charitable Donations?

Take into consideration what you are doing right now to track donations. In some faith organizations, the process begins with a ledger and a volunteer. That person spends countless hours writing down the name of each giver. They have to track each donor over time. That’s essential for tax purposes. Even in some organizations where a person receives a paycheck for doing this service, it takes a great deal of time. It also becomes costly.

Newer models involve the use of basic technology and Excel-like sheets. These can work well, as can an accounting program. Still, they require a person to manage them. That individual needs some skills and the time to do the work.

A donation tracker app eliminates those needs. It is all automatic. When a person makes a donation, the app goes to work immediately. It sends the funds to your organization’s account. It also tracks the person’s donation activity. That includes this initial donation and all the others they make over time. It’s easy to pull up this information. It takes no time at all.

How to Choose a Donation Tracker App for Your Needs

There are a few different types of donation tracker apps available today. When you compare them, there are a few key features to look for to determine which is best for your congregation and group.

  • It needs to be affordable. Avoid those with monthly fees or hidden fees. You should not need to agree to a contract. Look for a company with a simple fee to pay for using their service.
  • Current network connectivity is important. Look for an app that already works with any type of technology or software you are using. That reduces any complications.

You may wish to choose a custom-built donation tracker app. You may need special features. Some, for example, benefit from a bilingual app.

What to Consider When Rolling Out New Software to Your Team and Congregation

A team of church volunteers uses the Givelify app to track their community's giving

Setting up your church with a donation tracker app can seem like a big process. How are you going to convince people to use it? Show them the value of using it. There are many reasons to make the move.

  • The ease of increasing giving so the organization can complete its missions is worth it.
  • The low-cost solution – there’s no cost to using the app for the patron making a donation.
  • Better access to the younger members who want mobile payment devices helps everyone contribute.
  • It works with existing methods. They don’t have to make a switch!
  • There’s no advanced, costly training needed.

From a leadership role, a donation tracker like this will change your life. It enables more time to do the valuable and important work you need to do. It also gives you the freedom to manage donations without hassle. All information you need about who donates is easily accessible. Yet, all of their payment information is 100 percent secured.

Does Online Giving Increase Church Donations?

There are many examples of this being true. Online giving methods enable more people to donate. They can help organizations to raise funds across a larger area. Friends of the faith community can participate in important missions they otherwise would not.

It’s always important to consider ways to bring in more people to an organization like this. Faith leaders are constantly working on this goal. Yet, there are many people unable or unwilling to come to church or visit a prayer meeting. By providing them with a way to be a part of the organization from a distance, they may be more likely to do so.

Yet another example of this comes in the way of the busy young family who may not be able to make it in each week. They may desire to support fundraisers and make weekly contributions from home. Many young Americans don’t have checks to write. They don’t carry cash. By offering an online donation tool like this, they are instantly included in your mission.

Why Givelify Is the Solution You Need

At Givelify, we provide the simple-to-use donation tracker app you need. Faith-based leaders are able to get set up quickly. Once in place, your congregation can begin using this tool to help you achieve your biggest missions. Imagine the changes you can make within the community. It is an exciting time for faith leaders looking for a simple way to track donations and get patrons involved.

If you’re thinking of getting a donation tracking app, sign up for Givelify today. Get set up for mobile donations in under five minutes. It takes only minutes to download.

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