How to Sign Up Your Place of Worship

Introduce your members to a beautiful three-tap giving experience.

No more memorizing text-to-give numbers or filling out clunky online forms. When giving is easy, people give more.

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No sign-up or monthly fees—ever.

Your Church, Your App

With Givelify your church can have its own giving app in just a few minutes. There is no programming, no extra technology, and there are never any signup or monthly fees.

Custom branding

Upload your church’s logo and cover photo into the donation management dashboard and your members will instantly know it’s you.

Custom offerings

Set up custom offerings and set donation goals so your members can decide exactly where they want their money to go.


Sign Up Free

No sign-up or monthly fees—ever.

Simple Donation Management

The Givelify Donation Management Dashboard provides your organization with all the powerful tools you need to make fundraising a success.

Complete tracking and management.

Givelify’s free web-based donation management software enables you to track every donation to the penny, by donor or fundraising campaign. It also provides rich and sophisticated insights into giving patterns.

Meet fundraising goals with Givelithons.

The Givelithon is a live view of donations you can project on a screen or show on a monitor. The amount donated and your fundraising progress bar update in real time. Donors see where their money is going, get excited about giving when their photos and names are displayed in a live ticker.

Automatic next business day deposits.

Donations made via the mobile donation app are automatically deposited into your bank account the next business day.

Integrate with your existing financial management software.

Easily export your donation information to a CSV file and import to your financial or donation management software. You’ll maintain the integrity of your financial records across the board.

Customize with your branding.

Customizing your church giving app the way you want with your logo and cover photo is as easy as setting up your Facebook profile. Just upload your images and your donors will instantly see your unique app profile.

Create custom fundraising campaigns.

Your members want to know exactly how they’re helping. Set up custom campaigns for mission trips, building funds, and other specific fund drives so they can choose exactly where they want their money to go.

Multiple administration accounts.

Your account is always secure with individual administration accounts. There is no need to share a single login across your entire team. You can set individual permissions so your leadership and staff has access to only the sections of the dashboard they need.

Add a beautiful online giving experience.

Add the Givelify online giving button to your website, email newsletter, and social media with one line of code and give your online donors the same beautiful, easy giving experience as your mobile givers.


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No sign-up or monthly fees—ever.

Already have a church app?

You can integrate Givelify with your existing app to allow people to donate to your organization in as few as three taps.

Learn more about Deep Linking with Givelify

What Makes Givelify Better?

The Givelify mobile giving app is the fastest, easiest way to get church tithe and offerings.

More convenient than online giving.

No websites or passwords to remember
No waiting for web pages to load
No long registration forms to fill out
No need for separate accounts

Easier to use than text donations.

No SMS numbers or codes to memorize
Conveniently keep track of each donation and organization to the penny
No limits to how much or how often you can give

Faster than giving kiosks.

No waiting in line
No disruption to donation experience
No need for cash, checks or credit cards
No kiosk attendant to infringe on member privacy

Less complicated than PayPal.

No holds on funds
No need to request funds to be deposited
No card reader necessary for mobile app
No searching purchase history for donation records

Simpler and quicker than Square.

No iPhones or iPads needed to collect donations
No long lines to swipe cards
No need to be present in church to donate
No signatures required

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No sign-up or monthly fees—ever.

Less expensive than building your own app.

No up-front costs or constant updates
No need to hire developers
No payment gateway or merchant account required
No need to provide your own user support

Givelify is safe and secure.

Givelify cares about your security. We go above and beyond to safeguard all personal and payment information. We meticulously verify the identity of every organization in our records and utilize the most robust secure payment processing methods.

Learn more about our security safeguards

Why take your church giving mobile?

From reading their bibles to tweeting about your sermons, your members are going mobile. Now they're using their smartphones as their wallets. Most Givelify member churches report a 20-30% increase in giving within 60 days of rollout.

70% of Americans (over 221 million people) own smartphones.

20% of Americans report using their phones in places of worship.

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No sign-up or monthly fees—ever.

Americans spent $1.6 billion via their smartphones in 2013.

Why You'll Love Givelify

  • Mobile giving is here to stay. The only question is how fast churches will evolve. The issue isn’t so much with mobile, nor with services, it’s with transaction fees and ease of use. Services such as Givelify seem to be pointing in the right direction.

    — Antoine R. J. Wright Church Tech Today
  • New Psalmist Baptist Church has almost 10,000 members and they all have smartphones and iPads so they can use the app to donate during service or from anywhere else. As a traveling minister, Givelify is my preferred choice whether I’m giving to my home church or any church I’m visiting.

    — Bishop Walter S. Thomas New Psalmist Baptist Church
  • Are you having a missions trip fundraiser at your church? You can add that to Givelify in addition to your church’s normal tithing. In a way, Givelify makes giving a more social feel, as you can find other ministries and churches using Givelify, too.

    — Eric Dye ChurchMag
  • We use Givelify for our mobile giving, and love seeing the platform grow as an option for other great nonprofits. In partnership with Givelify and their mobile giving app, Impact Church has been able to engage a segment of our community that wasn’t otherwise financially connected. We’ve seen direct and tangible results because people are able to make donations in a way that’s fast, safe, and convenient for them.

    — Ryan Fisher Impact Church
  • A 20% percent increase in giving in summer months is not a trend we predicted at the start of the year. Our members are very grateful to us for providing them with this easy and convenient option to give on the go using Givelify.

    — Dr. Robert Scott Central Baptist Church

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