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8 Ways to Spice Up Your Church Bulletin Content

Does your church bulletin content need a makeover? Have you noticed a lack of member engagement with your church bulletin? Have you always suspected your bulletin needs a refresh?  Are you part of your church’s leadership team and preparing for in-person services? You may want to consider producing some fresh new church bulletin content. We’d like to help you brainstorm. Your congregation will likely be grateful and enjoy seeing something new.

What is the Purpose of a Church Bulletin? 

This program hand-out that parishioners receive when they walk into church is a vital way to share information about the upcoming sermon, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising needs. It might also include songs, prayers, staff bios, specific calls to action, and church news.

What Should be in a Church Bulletin?

If you aren’t sure where to begin when considering new content for your bulletin, ask your parishioners. One of the best ways to find out what they think might be to ask in person or to make a survey available. There are apps like Survey Monkey that can help you gather this information. Congregants generally love to share their ideas. 

Creative Church Bulletin Content Ideas

Is your next in-person service a few days away?  If that’s the case and you don’t have time to get feedback from your congregation, that’s okay. We’ve come up with 8 content ideas to get you started.

Think About Design

You might want to consider finding a new template online. You could create one or find one on a free design site like Canva. Think about the fonts and colors in your bulletin. Do the most important things pop? If everything is in black and white is there a way to add color by printing your bulletins on colored paper? You may want to spend some time imagining how to highlight calls to action and fundraising efforts, perhaps by using a different color font or text box.

Another idea, if learning design is not in your wheelhouse, is to reach out to see if there is a graphic designer in your congregation. They might be happy to help by designing a new bulletin or helping you learn how to put a new one together.

Include Opportunity for Community

Don’t underestimate putting the word out about chances to connect outside of Sunday services. Some churches have Women’s Bible Study or Knitting Groups, for example. Even financial seminars, foster care parenting workshops, and singles events can be hosted by churches. If these events are happening, make sure to get the word out in your bulletin. Many parishioners are looking to connect with new friends and serve by sharing a joyful activity. 

Another way to inspire a sense of community is to print short profiles of members in your bulletin. Perhaps include one or two people each week with short blurbs and photos. You might try including one brand new member and one veteran member each week. 

If your church isn’t hosting events like those we’ve mentioned, feel free to use the church bulletin to keep them informed of well-loved fellowship rituals like cookies and coffee after Sunday’s service. 

Highlight Meaningful Volunteer Opportunities

What are some ideas to bring your parishioners together to help those in need? There are always needs within the church. It’s important for people to know what would be helpful within your congregation. For example, childcare during services is often a need and older church-goers may enjoy spending time with the children while their parents enjoy a service. 

Outside of the church, there are lots of opportunities to spread love in the town where your church is located. Here are a few examples:

Fighting hunger in the community is always a popular cause. It’s an easy way to get a group of people involved in an important service and the need is ever-present. Toys for Tots is another good service opportunity. They’re a nonprofit that gives children in a need gifts at Christmas time.

Whatever volunteer opportunities your church supports, it’s always good to communicate about them in your bulletin, especially to inform new members about them.

volunteers laughing while packing food for a charity

Be Clear About Your Service Chronology

Many people like to read about what will be forthcoming in the day’s service. Putting a note about each event in order helps people who are in a time crunch gauge if they will be out on time. That said, be concise, remember that too many words on the page may distract people from listening to the message of the day. 

Add a Call To Action 

It is often said that if you don’t tell people how to take action, they never will. Including a call to action about your current fundraising mission is another way to give your parishioners a chance to help a community that is important to them.

Generous giving helps keep faith-based communities going. A frictionless app like Givelify makes it easier to tithe, especially for younger generations. 

Include an Inspiring Quote

Whether it is quoting scripture or some other inspirational quote, this is a nice way to lead into the rest of the content in your church bulletin. Here is a good one:

“Church attendance is as vital to a disciple as a transfusion of rich, healthy blood to a sick man.” – Dwight L. Moody

Use Humor

Perhaps mix it up each week. Add a humorous cartoon or use some humor by adding a joke on the last page of your bulletin. You might even add a funny word search or crossword on the back of your bulletin. This world can always use more levity. 

Create an Electronic or Video Version

If your goal is to retain younger generations of church-goers, you may want to create an electronic version of your church bulletin. This could be a PDF you put on your website or in a newsletter that you email out. 

It’s an eco-friendly way to share news and will save funds for other items that your church may need. There is also the option of creating a paper and an electronic version of your bulletin. 

Another fun option would be to create a quick video version of your bulletin. If you need help filming or editing, this is another chance to embrace the creative gifts of your parishioners.

Give it a Try

Hopefully, this list will help you spice up your church bulletin’s content. It may also have the added benefit of improving your fundraising. Speaking of which, there is a way to make tithing easier for your congregants. Sign up for Givelify and get set up for mobile donations in under 5 minutes.

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