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3 Tips to Maximize Easter Giving

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 Why is Easter Sunday so important? 

For many Christians, the true meaning of Easter, which is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, often calls for a period of spiritual reflection.

Easter tradition also entails families, friends, and loved ones coming together (although a sometimes challenging feat for the last two years) to attend church and then share a big meal afterward.   

Due to its significance, Easter is the most-attended worship day of the year – even more than Christmas. A large Easter audience, both in-person and virtually, also has the potential to draw the most donations for many churches. 

This makes this Christian holiday a powerful opportunity for churches to re-engage with existing members and connect with new or potential members and visitors.

Churches looking to fund projects near and dear to their hearts should look to maximize Easter Sunday giving from their generous members and supporters.   

Last year, the big hearts on Givelify gave more than $13 million to their churches on Easter – and that amount increases every year. These are donations that help churches to do more to uplift their communities and move closer to their annual fundraising goals.   

Why add Givelify as a giving option in time for Easter Sunday?  

If you already use Givelify, then you know that with a 4.9-star rating and a community of more than 1 million generous donors, the Givelify mobile app is the most downloaded, most reviewed, and highest-rated app for maximizing giving in the world.  

For those churches that don’t want to miss out on Easter generosity, providing an easy giving experience for their attendees is crucial. And with more churches going beyond solely in-person gatherings to also provide virtual and hybrid services, churches can now connect with an even larger audience. A recent study shows that 1-in-5 donors give to multiple churches using Givelify.  

Additionally, churches don’t have to worry about additional record-keeping. The Givelify platform allows for the seamless reconciliation of donation records with the most popular church management and accounting systems.   

<< [Watch the webinar replay] Maximize Easter generosity: Turn one-time givers into year-long supporters >>

How to maximize Easter Sunday giving 

Here are a few simple ways to help Easter be as financially impactful as possible:   

Tip #1: ​Encourage your congregation to download the Givelify app.​

Churches that offer digital app giving solutions saw more than a 20% increase in their financial growth, according to the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving. Churches that focused on text-based giving only saw a 5% increase.  

Tip #2:​ Use Givelify’s social giving links on your social media channels. ​

Are you having Easter service both in-person and virtually? Let your audiences everywhere know that your church uses Givelify to collect donations. Research shows digital giving is proven to grow your donations financially. 

Online giving increases overall church donations by 32%, according to Nonprofit Source. Learn how to add your custom giving links.  

Tip #3:​ Do an offering appeal during your Easter service.​

Educate your in-person guests and online viewers about your church’s giving options, including Givelify. During the giving appeal portion of the worship service, provide reasons and/or examples of why attendees should give generously to your church.  

Maximizing Easter Sunday Giving With Givelify
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How to get started with Givelify in time for Easter Sunday 

Still need help preparing for Easter Sunday giving? Here are a few additional tips: 

  • Don’t wait until Easter. Sunday, April 3, is the first Sunday of the month. Remind your congregation that you’re on Givelify! We all know how important the first worship day of the month can be for a church’s bottom line. This is when church members and supporters give their monthly “first fruits” offering, in addition to their love offering. 
  • Communicate in-person and digitally. Instruct your members and supporters to download the Givelify app during services leading up to Easter Sunday, and in any communications (such as emails, texts, or robocalls) you send during that period. Congregants can download the app from both the App Store and Google Play. 
  • Create a special Easter envelope. Custom giving envelopes in the Givelify app allow generous givers to choose where their money goes.  

We recently hosted a workshop to equip churches with these tips to maximize Easter Sunday giving. Download the full presentation today to learn more! Questions? Contact Customer Support online or email Learn more about Givelify.  

To learn more about activating and growing giving, read “5 Tips for Churches to Increase Consistent Givers” and watch the video. You can also view the “Nurture a Culture of Generosity” webinar here and read the blog recap

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Olivia is the Associate Brand Manager at Givelify where she creates and manages campaigns to grow awareness and nurture relationships within the community. As a purpose-driven marketer with a background in brand strategy and a passion for creating a more equitable and prosperous future, Olivia works to advance change through charitable giving to enable even more good. She holds an MBA from San Francisco State University and lives in Oakland, California, where she enjoys the vibrant art, music, and food scene.

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