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10 Cheap Fundraising Ideas for Churches That Will Get Members Excited

While tithing and donations go a long way, churches sometimes need a little more to fill the gaps. There’s always something that needs to be done. From carpeting the auditorium to launching a Bible drive in the nearby community. Cheap fundraising ideas not only fill these gaps but also provide good fun for congregants. 

Cheap Fundraising Ideas Your Community Will Love 

Idea #1: Church Olympics 

A sports event day can be a great way to raise funds for your cause. But here’s how to make things a little more interesting. Instead of the simple 100-yard dash or a game of kickball, mix things up a little. 

Incorporate fun church elements that will make the day both fun and memorable. Some Bible inspired events could include: 

  • Catch Jonah’s whale 
  • Race to cross the Red Sea 
  • Jonathan’s archery stand 
  • Samson’s show of strength 

Many scripture-inspired events are easily incorporated into an event such as this. Keep it positive and fun to ensure good engagement. This allows effortless fundraising and a sense of togetherness for churchgoers. 

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Idea #2: Date Night 

If there’s one thing parents can do more often, it’s date night. However, finding trustworthy care isn’t always easy. Create a safe environment for your congregants to enjoy a date night with good food and a relaxed ambiance.

This can take place on church premises and couples can buy tickets as opposed to paying the “bill” at the end of their evening. A great way to boost the experience is by screening some fun couples material such as a Christian-inspired marriage comedy night. 

Idea #3: Build a Hype Campaign 

Get the youth involved to create some hype around the church. Choose a hashtag to create awareness on social media. Add visuals to make the posts more striking. For instance, fun photoshoots, social media stories, or short films. 

The hype campaign should focus on the area the church needs to raise funds. For instance, if the church needs to raise funds for a local orphanage, the hype campaign can be something like #notalone, #bigbrother/sister, #beamom/dad. This type of fundraising pairs up well with online giving

Idea #4: The Big Cookoff 

Finding out who is the best at basting ribs or putting together the most scrumptious pancakes can be great for fundraising. There are several ways to raise funds. For instance, sponsorships, raffles, and an entry fee for contestants. 

The cookoff can be as simple or as big as you need it to be. Themed cookoffs are also a hit, especially if contestants need to make it through multiple rounds. After all, who doesn’t want to be the Vietnamese Pho champion at the next church fundraiser? It’s time to dust off family recipes and get those spatulas ready. 

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Idea #5: A Night at the Movies 

Movie tickets for sale? Check! Concession stands donated? Check! Movie screening through a charity-friendly platform? Done! Movie nights are great for fundraising, especially when it includes something for the whole family. 

Spice things up a little by making the event a dress-up party too: pajama parties, lumberjack look, princesses, and princes for the little ones. Style the theme of the event around the movie the church is screening to add a layer of fun to the event. Add a photo booth to the event for that extra bit of fundraising. 

Idea #6: Mobile Fundraisers 

Technology is a big win for fundraisers. That’s because the congregation can keep track of the fundraising efforts. Mobile fundraising apps are easy to download and should be free to congregants. 

Mobile fundraising apps such as Givelify give churches access to nearly 1 million potential donors. With the right branding and marketing, fundraising efforts can go beyond the church members. 

A hand with a mobile device preparing to help a fundraiser by donating with the givelify app

Idea #7: Branded Church Gear 

T-shirts, hoodies, and caps are all great ways to raise funds for the church. Add these to an online store and add some interest to it, such as the hype campaign mentioned above. It’s also important to remember church branding to make it easy for potential buyers to find what they’re looking for. 

Brander church gear that seems to make a splash nowadays, is face masks. Churches can adapt and change to their environment to maximize their fundraising efforts. 

Idea #8: Shoe or Bag Drive 

There is never a time where a shoe drive isn’t a winner. Congregants and community members can donate shoes and purses that are still in a good condition, barely worn, or even new. These are then sold at fundraisers. 

Idea #9: Bake Sale 

This is the time where the secret family recipe for the best apple pie comes into play. Congregants can sell their baked goods with a ticketing system to help with fundraising efforts. At the end of the event, crown the best baker for some added fun. 

Idea #10: Swap Shop 

Everyone has something lying around at home that they’re not using. Hosting a swap shop day with a ticketing system entry fee is a great fundraiser initiative. At the end of the day, items that are leftover or unwanted can be donated to the church charity shop. 

What is the Easiest Fundraiser? 

The easiest fundraisers are those that require little setup in terms of structure. It also requires little funding or organizing to get it off the ground. Mobile fundraisers are by far the easiest. Plus, the teenagers can be in charge this time! 

What are the Most Profitable Fundraisers? 

The most profitable fundraisers should bring in around 5 times what you spend on it. It should also raise 10% to 20% of your annual budget. Fun walks and keynote speakers are some of the events that can help your church achieve these objectives. 

Cheap Fundraising Ideas; To Wrap Things Up

Fundraisers can be fun and exciting events that allow your congregants to work together for a common cause. While you may opt for one type of event, it’s possible to include more than one fundraising item to boost earnings. 

For instance, if you’re hosting a keynote speaker, you can also include a mobile fundraiser event. Sign up for Givelify and get set up for free mobile donations in under 5 minutes. 

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