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How To Celebrate and Inspire Charity Giving In Your Community

Givelify has you covered on how to keep donors engaged with time and money; two of the most vital aspects of communal charity giving. Leaders must work to celebrate and inspire further charitable efforts. There are many ways to succeed in this goal without coming across as seemingly overbearing or distressed. There is a definite right and a wrong way of doing these things. Keep reading for the top seven ways to motivate those in your circle of influence to give charitably.

What is the Purpose of Charitable Giving?

The final goal of giving to charity is to help. Whether the beneficiary is the planet, animals, or people, the goal remains the same. Remember that every bit helps those in need. Even small gifts can go a long way. Not all gifts come in the form of money. The giving of time is often one of the easiest and fulfilling ways to give to your community. Search Givelify’s database of available charities to find an organization near you.

What are Examples of Charity?

The word “charity” covers a wide range of giving organizations. The size and scope of charities span everything from local nonprofits to national or even global organizations. Types of charitable organizations include:

  • Environmental charities: Environmental charities include parks, nature centers, conservation, and protection.
  • Animal charities: Animal charities include zoos, aquariums, conservation groups, animal welfare, and wildlife activists.
  • Health charities: Health charities include medical research, treatment, medical services, disease, disorder, and family support.
  • Education charities: Educational charities include private schools, scholarships, financial aid, school reform, and student support.
  • Arts and culture charities: Arts and culture charities include museums, galleries, libraries, historical societies, and performing arts.
  • International NGOs: International NGOs, or non-governmental agencies, include child sponsorship, conservation, peace, and human rights, disaster relief, and humanitarian efforts.

Rallying Your Community Around Charitable Giving

While some create their own drive to give, most need a little nudge every now and then. It is the job of charity leaders to insight this drive. The coming seven ways to celebrate and inspire giving should serve as a solid starting point in your journey.

Keep Your Donors Updated

It is part of being human to be motivated by success. Giving your donors and acolytes steady updates on your progress helps keep the community involved. They share in your success and failure. They want your campaign to succeed and will push to make it happen. This creates a case where your cause spreads through word of mouth, one of the most powerful ways to market.

Recognize Top Donors

Calling out top donors appeals to the competitive nature of human beings. It will help other donors strive to match or beat those recognized and make your most important donors feel validated. A simple inclusion in mass emails or a shoutout in church or social media posts will go a long way. Link top donors to your online or mobile giving platform to highlight their efforts. Make sure the people know the effect your nonprofit has on the community.

Create Fundraising Incentives

This expands on the former point and also appeals to people’s competitive side. Seek gifts with increasing value to hand out to donors that meet certain giving thresholds. Items as simple as small gift cards to local coffee shops or diners can help to stir competition. Larger incentives like new gaming systems, gifted tee times to local golf courses, or free services from members of your community can be reserved for large gifts or acts.

Chronicle Charitable Events with Pictures and Video

Showing people in the act of giving helps to inspire others. Not only that but media can be used more than once for future causes. Take both candid and staged photos showing members of your community giving to your cause. Ask members of your church or cause to make professional photos to donate their time to capture the moments. Attach pictures and video to online and mobile giving apps. Be sure to be as inclusive as possible to appeal to the widest range of latent donors. Inclusive giving is of the utmost importance.

A community leader filming a video of her self for her Church Fundraising Community

Heighten the Emotions Attached to Your Cause

Studies show that people are more apt to give if they connect with the cause on an inner level. Instant gratification is a big part of the emotional side of giving. Online and mobile giving apps like Givelify enable instant giving. People won’t have to wait until they can get to a computer or write a check. There are many other ways mobile giving apps encourage immediate giving.

Make Sure People Know How Their Giving Affects Change

Bringing these ideas full circle, make sure to remind donors why their gifts matter. Keep the exchange relaxed and joyous. This helps to further the good feeling people get from giving. Ensure people are aware of the good their gifts allow you to spread around the community. Visit Givelify’s blog post on Essential Communication Points for Online Giving for more ideas.

Have Fun!

This might seem clear to some but is often glanced over or missed. The most simple way to rouse those around you is to make it fun. Seek a local band for music at your next event. Host “best-dressed” contests with gifted prizes. Arrange a carnival or play games. These are only a few ideas of how to spark joy in your events. Let your passion help fuel clever ideas. If you aren’t sure where to start, ask the youth or young adults in your contacts list about ways to spice things up a bit.

Charity Giving Should be About How to Inspire and Succeed, Together

Work to shift the focus from your charity to other connections and those you help. Give your members a sense of control over your success or failure. The more you make them feel like it is their cause as well, the more they will work for you. Harness the power of word of mouth to spread the joy and aid your organization has to offer. Sign up for Givelify and get set up for mobile donations in under 5 minutes.

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