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Bravo! Stories of Good.

When good people come together, more good happens. Celebrating the great work our giving community is doing to make the world a better place.

Bravo! Stories of Good: Victory Grace Center

“No matter what kind of day you may think you’re going to have, it’s still a victory day. That doesn’t mean you’re exempt from challenges or trials, but at the end of the day you made it through the day, so it’s a victory day.”

Dr. Jazz

Victory Grace Center
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Bravo! Stories of Good: Indy TenPoint Coalition

"In neighborhoods that we have patrolled in partnership with IMPD and community groups, we have seen a 100% reduction in criminal homicides.”

Rev. Charles Harrison

Indy TenPoint
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Bravo! Stories of Good: Bethel Church

“For this year's scholarship, we were able to award eighty-two persons, undergrad and graduate level, with a Scholarthon.”

Pastor Kim McKissick

- The Bethel Church
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Bravo! Stories of Good: New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

“This is not a local issue, but it is a national one. It is not just consumption, it is community.”

Dr. Jamal Bryant

- New Birth Missionary Baptist
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Bravo! Stories of Good: St. John Church Unleashed

"I'm thankful. Thankful to God I did it. With help, I did it."

Jayla Ned

- Former Resident of Viola’s House
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Bravo! Stories of Good: St. Paul Baptist Church

“I’ve inherited this legacy of giving and helping others. One of the most responsible things that I can do as a man is give. I’m the legacy and I don’t believe it stops at me.”

Kyle Delaney,

- Southern University student
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Bravo! Stories of Good: Keep a Breast Foundation

“What was so great about street art was that it gave me a voice to talk about something so difficult.”

Claudia “KLO” Rivera

Street Artist, Activist
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Kingdom Fellowship AME Church Bravo Story

“Without the church, I don't know if I would have had the vaccine.”

Sandy Bruno

Kingdom Fellowship AME member
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