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What You Missed Last Week In Mobile Giving

Maybe you were preoccupied trying to remember how to reset your clocks. Or maybe it was something else. But you probably missed a few things last week in the world of mobile giving and technology for churches and nonprofits.

No problem: now you’re caught up on your sleep and you’re ready to dive back in. Every Monday we collect the top five stories from the previous week’s Givelify Mobile Giving Weekly. Subscribe now to get it delivered straight to your email inbox.

What Over 19 Million Social Media Conversations Reveal about Mobile Payments

Mobile payments. We’ve seen through news coverage, conversations with friends and family and our own usage how pervasive this technology has become this past year.

To go beyond the buzz, MasterCard partnered with Prime Research, to identify evolving consumer attitudes toward digital payments and mobile solutions.

MasterCard’s third annual Mobile Payments Study [KR1] tracked 19.1 million social media posts across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Forums, Weibo (CN), Google+ and YouTube throughout 2014. The study, released today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, uncovered that conversations have shifted away from security concerns and toward enriched experiences delivered through mobile payments, such as convenience, loyalty and rewards. Consumers went from asking “why mobile?” to “what’s next” in 24 months.

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Mobile Means an Increase in Spending and Giving

If you lived in the distant past, you would be thrilled to be the only house on the block to have a telephone. Finally, you could dial a series of numbers and have a conversation with a family member that lives far away. What a blessing that technology was back then!

With every generation, the blessings keep on coming. Now, just about everyone has a phone in their hand at any given moment. These modern devices, paired with mobile giving apps and digital payment software, can do incredible things — even cause people to increase their spending.

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Why Maine wants to tax nonprofit groups

Nonprofit organizations across the country are closely watching Maine as it considers becoming the first state to impose property taxes on hospitals, private colleges and summer camps under a plan being pushed by Gov. Paul LePage.

The Republican’s contentious proposal has sparked a fiery debate in Maine over what impact nonprofits have on their communities and whether they should have to shoulder the costs for municipal services they consume. It’s also raising questions about whether other states will follow suit if LePage’s effort is successful.

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Tax Prep: Exporting Your Donation History

You made 2014 a banner year for giving with the Givelify mobile giving app. We’ve added a new feature that helps make sure you’re rewarded for your generosity. You can now export your donation history by year to make it easy to claim your charitable donations on your taxes.

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Inspiring and illuminating tweets celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, held every year on March 8, is a time for remembrance, awareness and action.

These themes were documented on Twitter, as various hashtags related to the day began to trend online Sunday, including #InternationalWomensDay, #IWD2015 and #HappyWomensDay.

We’ve rounded up a list of tweets from high-profile women (and their supporters) who are celebrating International Women’s Day, and will continue to update it.

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