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10 Things to Look for in a Fundraising App for Your Nonprofit

There’s only one reason to host a fundraiser, and that is to get your message out to as many donors as possible in the shortest amount of time. Bonus, there are the actual funds. 

As a nonprofit, it’s essential that you’re prepared for any type of giving, pledge, or donation.

mobile fundraising app shortens the distance between a donation and the cause thanks to intuitive technology and the wide availability of mobile devices. 

1. What is the Best Fundraising App? 

If you need the best nonprofit app, it’s worth considering simplicity for both the givers and the organization itself. The app should have a streamlined navigation panel, and the ability to add payment methods needs to be a breeze. Stick with a fundraiser app that has the user experience in mind from start to finish. Find an app that loads within seconds and is easy to install. Anything that takes longer than 5 minutes to set up will only frustrate your staff and donors alike. 

2. Security and Peace of Mind 

Let’s be honest. When you’re using an app for donations you want to know that the money is going to the intended destination and that your personal information is safe. It’s important to choose an app that uses the latest encryption software to secure the app — we’re talking military-grade encryption levels. The app should enjoy 24/7 monitoring to pick up security flaws. Also, it’s worth opting for an app like Givelify that delivers PCI Data Security Standard compliant payment processing. 

3. Software Integration With Existing Programs or Processes 

An important aspect of choosing an app for your nonprofit is whether all the kids play well together. And by kids, we mean systems. An app for fundraising should easily integrate financial records across your programs so you don’t have to change your financial software. This ensures streamlined record-keeping and up-to-date figures. It also allows your organization to carry on as before without hitch or having to learn new programs and software, only to be compatible with a new app. 

4. Affordable and Transparent Cost Structures

As a nonprofit, you have a fiscal responsibility to manage the finances well. This means that products and services sourced to improve donation receiving, shouldn’t come at an exorbitant cost. Also, nonprofits need to stick to a budget, which is why knowing what you’re paying for is a critical feature. Sign-up fees and fixed monthly subscriptions might erode your capital, especially if there are ongoing costs thrown into the mix too. What you want is a zero sign-up cost, small transaction fee, and transparent financial cost to your donors. 

5. Flexibility of Use 

Your non-profit still needs to be able to shop around for the perfect fit. You’re new, you’ve got a small donor list, and you’re nowhere near ready to sign a lengthy contract that locks you in. You should have the freedom to terminate the service any time you like. What’s more, look for an app that offers the opportunity to let you try before you buy. This way, it’s easy enough to tell whether the app will suit your nonprofit’s needs. 

6. An App That Enjoys the Trust of its Users 

As a nonprofit, you want to expose your donors to an app that will make the donation process simpler. It should be an app that’s been downloaded a number of times and has a large donor base. But more importantly, that donor base should rate the app highly and be eager to review it. An app that enjoys that kind of trust from its current donor base, is an app that will add value to your fundraising efforts. 

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7. Customizable Options 

Can we say a bespoke app that will meet the needs of your organization? Find an app that has an open-door policy with developers to provide a streamlined app experience that hits all the notes for your nonprofit. Sure, all nonprofits need funding, but not all nonprofits are built the same way. The app should allow for additional features and functions that meet the specifications of your ideal fundraising app. 

8. Fast Turnaround Time for Donations

Processing donations and gifting can be time-consuming, however, with the right software projects and causes can resume activities without the hassle of mountains of paperwork. The timeframe between the fundraiser and addressing the needs of the cause shouldn’t take more than a day or two. Communication between your organization’s management software and the app streamlines this process. 

9. How Can I Fundraise in a Brief Time Period? 

You need to have access to a donor pool that extends beyond your regular list of donors. The bigger the donor base, the higher your potential earnings from a particular event. It’s also important that these donors are able to donate as quickly and effortlessly as possible. You can have a million donors on your roll, but unless you make it simple for them to reach into their pockets — or their phones — your donations will only trickle in. 

10. Access to Insight Tools 

Insight tools are the fundraising app feature you didn’t know you needed. It provides juicy information about the event that will allow you to scale future fundraising events. You will see trends such as when your donors are more active, donation averages, and a stack of other information that will allow you to shape your events around your donors. 

Not every fundraising app is built equally and it’s important to know that an app can be the difference between whether your organization meets its objectives or not. With Givelify, you will have access to over a million donors. It helps to know that the app consistently receives high ratings and is the most reviewed fundraising app out there. Sign up for Givelify and get set up for mobile donations in under 5 minutes. 

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