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10 Things to Look for in a Church Tithing App

A church tithing app may be one of the best tools available. It can help you grow the number of donations your organization receives. That includes consistent donations and one-time offerings, giving your church the ability to thrive. A number of apps exist. How do you know which one is the best? We’ve got the information you need. Here’s 10 Important Things to Look for in a Church Tithing App.

How do Churches do Online Giving?

There are multiple ways to donate online to a church. Setting up a donation app makes is an excellent tool, for example. Donors can use the app on their smartphones. They can also use the connected website to make donations. In addition, some apps, like Givelify, allow for online and in-app donations, making it super easy for your patrons to support your good missions. All the church needs to do is set up the app to get started. It’s that simple!

Choosing the Best Church Tithing App for You

Review any app to ensure it offers the features fitting to your church. The good news is, some apps give you everything you need. Here are some of the features perfect for most church donation needs.

#1: User Friendliness

A good starting point for any church tithing app is how easy it is to use. You want all parishioners to use the app equally. That includes those who are older or who may not be as tech-savvy. Why not let everyone get connected? The app should be easy to move through and use making it not just possible to use, but even fun.

#2: Direct Deposit into Your Account

Check out an app like Givelify that directly deposits your donations into your account. This happens fast. There’s no delay in getting donations. That means you don’t have to wait to start using donations to do the good work of your organization. You also do not want to pay high fees for just transferring funds. It’s affordable and fast!

#3: High Ratings and Good Reviews

Reviews matter and give good insight into what it’s like to use the app. It is what actual users of the apps say that really gives a clear indication of how functional it is. You can often do a simple search online for the app’s name to find such reviews. Find out what people love about the app before you download it.

#4: Easy Fee Structure

Most quality apps require some fee to use them. That’s what keeps the app functional and safe. Yet, the fee structure should be:

  • Straightforward and easy to understand.
  • Clear, with no hidden fees for other services or features.
  • Without a contract – you don’t want to get trapped into a long-term contract.
  • Without any monthly fees that add to the cost.

#5: Connects You with a New Donor Base

One of the nice features of Givelify is that it is not just a static app. It is a tool you can use to grow your donor network. In fact, when you start using it, you’ll be connected to nearly a million additional, potential donors. That lets you grow your donor base instantly – getting your missions completed sooner. Many of these apps are ideal for connecting with millennials. They may help you connect with donors from outside of your geographical area, too. This doesn’t cost you anything more, either – it’s just an added bonus.

A visualization of an online community connected globally via a network

#6: It Works with Your Current Platforms

Do you have a current church financial management tool? Perhaps you have a current method of tracking donations. If that’s the case, choose an app that already works with the system you’re using. That speeds up donation management and makes it easy to manage. You also never have to worry about exclusivity agreements – use what works for your organization.

#7: Customized for Your Organization

Directing people to an app to make a donation is easy to do. Once there, you want them to know the app is yours, just for your organization. Look for an app that lets you customize it and make it your own. That means adding photos of your church to it for example. That’s another key feature you can count on with Givelify.

#8: Customized Campaign Set-Up Should Be a Breeze

You can create customized campaigns for any special project you have in mind. Get people giving for any cause important to your church. Are you planning to build a new church? Are you looking to get donations to support an international mission? You can set up campaigns for various goals. Your patrons effortlessly donate what they want to whatever campaign they desire.

#8: Bilingual Access

Do you have a diverse parish? A bilingual app could be a good fit. Givelify allows this with both English and Spanish versions of your app. That lets more people participate. It also creates inclusiveness within your organization. People appreciate the ease, too.

#9: Track Donations Easily

Do you need to know who is giving? A church donation app can help track those donations, making it much faster and simpler for you to know who is giving. With Givelify, all of the tracking is done for you. That means when someone donates, a record is created. Over time, it tracks repeated donations that a person makes. This information makes sending out tax donation forms smooth.

#10: Simple to Set Up

Let’s face it. You have a lot to do when it comes to running your organization. A church tithing app should help support your mission without complexities. The app should be easy to download. It should take just a few minutes to set up. There should be no complicated management process over time, either.

Is Givelify safe?

Safety is paramount when choosing an app. It’s what your patrons need to know before donating to you. The good news is Givelify has exceptional online security. It protects the privacy and all personal information provided using the most up-to-date technology available. You can trust it to keep donations safe.

Ready to Learn More About Givelify?

As a church donation app, Givelify is your go-to solution. It’s simple to use and takes about 5 minutes to set up right now. Take a closer look. Then sign up for free.

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