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4 Reasons to Celebrate Clergy Appreciation Day

October is Clergy Appreciation Month, and specifically, this Sunday, Oct. 14, is Clergy Appreciation Day. It’s a reminder for people around the world to show their appreciation for clergy and pastoral staff members.

But why celebrate it? Shouldn’t we honor our church leadership all year long? The short answer: YES! But here are 4 reasons to celebrate Clergy Appreciation Day this weekend.

1. Remind Leaders That You Love Them

Clergy Appreciation Day is a reminder to showcase your love and gratitude for the person or people who lead your church. While there’s probably no doubt in anybody’s mind that you care about your church leadership, this Sunday is a great time to remind them how much they matter.

These men and women can be celebrated in a variety of ways, through personal notes or gifts, a planned festive event, or just a simple thank you!

2. Offer Support to Your Leadership

As mental health continues to take a more prominent place in public dialogue, we are learning more and more about the high percentage of church leaders who struggle under the dark cloud of depression and anxiety.

This Sunday is an opportunity for us to say and do things that offer support. We will likely never know the full extent of discouragement our leadership feels at any given time — but our encouragement this Sunday could be incredibly impactful.

3. It’s the Little Things

It’s the little things that mean the most. Our words have power and what we say is far more impactful than any money we spend on gifts. Take a moment and write a thank you note (or several) to those leaders who have made a difference in your church.

Encourage everyone in the congregation to write a personalized card expressing their appreciation for all the leaders of your church.

4. They Have a Difficult, Stressful Job

4 Reasons to Celebrate Clergy Appreciation Day

We all know how much the leaders in our church love and invest in our lives. Members of the clergy have a unique and challenging role when it comes to the most painful moments of people’s lives.

They are called upon to visit the dying, lead funerals, invest in struggling marriages, and be present during relapsing addictions.

And while most of them do it with joy, clergy members are human and grow weary. This weekend presents each of us with a golden opportunity to tell them how much they matter — to the entire congregation and us

Don’t forget to take a moment this weekend and show your church leadership how much you appreciate all they do.

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