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Monday Mobile Giving Roundup for Jan. 26

You’re busy getting your 2015 fundraising calendar going. Mobile giving will play a huge role this year. It’s tough to keep up on all the news.

That’s why we publish the Givelify Mobile Giving Daily so you can stay abreast of what you need to know. Each Monday we collect the top five stories and resources from the previous week in the Monday Mobile Giving Roundup. It’s a bite-sized summary so you can keep up quickly and easily.

Three Ways Your Charity Can Win at Digital in 2015

2014 saw some game changing charity digital campaigns, from #findmike to #nomakeupselfie. In the US alone, #GivingTuesday raised $45.7 million in donations.

Zoe Amar believes there is plenty to play for in 2015, but it’s vital that digital is integrated into charities in the right way if they are to make the most of these opportunities.

There are several fundamental things every non-profit can do to give itself the best chance of success. Here are three ways your charity can win at digital in 2015

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Nonprofit Fundraising: The Case for Spontaneous Giving

Mobile phones are generally used to fill one of three needs: staving off boredom, gathering real-time information, or making a snap decision. When it comes to nonprofit fundraising, your organization needs to capitalize on the third idea. Spontaneous giving options like donation apps can make mobile users’ snap decisions work for your benefit.

At fundraising events, you want donors to decide right then and there to make a donation to your cause. After all, it’s best to win them over while you still have their attention. If you wait to send home a pledge card, many well-intentioned attendees will get distracted and forget to give.

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Will Your Nonprofit be Ready for the Future of Payments?

One recent sunny afternoon in Austin, I gathered with a small crowd at NTEN’s local 501 Tech Club to lunch and learn about digital currencies and payments innovations.

We were there to talk about Bitcoin—what it is (digital cash), what it isn’t (Internet not required), why you would want to take advantage of it (0% transaction fee, anyone?), and what you need to know before implementing (multi-signature wallets!).

The informal discussion was led by presenters David J Neff, Digital Strategy Manager at PwC; and Jacob Parks, Legal Researcher at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. You can watch the whole thing on Capital Factory’s YouTube or read my blog post for a summary.

Most importantly, I learned that tech-savvy charities need to address changes happening in the payments landscape now.

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The Nonprofit That’s Giving Underprivileged Kids Jobs in Tech Companies

When Luis Almendarez was a junior in high school, he wasn’t interested in technology—or much of anything else he encountered in the classroom. The way he remembers it, he went to class not because he was excited by what he might learn, but because it was expected of him. He was shy, he says, and unwilling to speak up.

He had come to California from Honduras as an undocumented immigrant. Under the DREAM Act, he earned the right to keep studying here in the U.S., and somewhere along the way, he developed vague notions of becoming a civil engineer. But as a student at Oakland High School in Northern California, he wasn’t all that motivated. “Where I came from,” he says, “a good education doesn’t matter very much.”

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Givelify Donation App: Your Questions Answered

In a previous blog post, we answered many questions churches and nonprofit organizations have asked about the Givelify donation app. Now let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions donors have about using the app to give.

How Does The GPS Map Work?

Using the GPS feature on your phone, the Givelify donation app automatically locates the organization or event that you are attending so you do not have to search. Make sure location services are turned on in your device’s settings. Then simply tap Nearby at the top left of your screen and then tap the icon that represents the organization or event location.

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