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Monday Mobile Giving Roundup for Jan. 19

As we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we must first think about his focus on giving. In 2015 it’s easier than ever to give: mobile giving apps allows you to give wherever you are.

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Every Monday we bring you the top five stories from the previous week in the Monday Mobile Giving Roundup. It’s a great way to get caught up.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Web Presence to Maximize Donations

Online fundraising begins with your web presence—plain and simple. A website is equally as important as a physical location for your organization this day in age. These days, an organization can survive and thrive by having only a website, without an actual physical location where a nonprofit is housed—via online donations.

For this reason, having an outstanding web presence is vital. Think of your website as your digital location—the URL is the street address and the background color or photo is the paint on the walls. In other words, your website should work in conjunction with whatever physical location you have. People should get the same feel for your organization whether they stumble upon your website, or walk in through your front door.

We care so much about our online presence for two reasons: awareness and fundraising. Inevitably one leads to the other. By informing your constituents without overwhelming them, you will maximize your online fundraising.

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3 Ways Technology Can Grow Your Nonprofit Fundraising Reach

Mobile technology is not only new and exciting, but it can have a strong positive impact on your nonprofit fundraising efforts. Using mobile giving apps and other modern means to accept donations is a great way to reach more potential donors and make an even bigger impact in your community.

Many nonprofit organizations focus their fundraising efforts on those who have given the most donations in the past: older adults. But ignoring the up-and-coming generations, such as the Millennials, is not a good idea. This overlooked group is an untapped resource for nonprofit donations. You just have to adjust your message to draw them in.

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Rethink Your Church Website Strategy in 2015

Whenever I hear someone introduced as a web or social media expert, I immediately get skeptical. How much experience does it take to become an expert? And realistically, how could someone become an expert at such a new and ever-changing medium?

About sixteen years ago I was working my first job at a web marketing company. We designed websites and helped companies get their sites listed on the major search engines. I got really good at my job. But when I look back on what I used to do at that job, I realize how much things have changed.

Flash was a budding technology that everyone was excited about. Now people are moving away from the technology because of mobile devices and Apple products that don’t play nicely.

Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer were the two big browsers battling it out. Now Netscape doesn’t even exist.

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Your Church Is Not an Airplane: Giving Apps and Social Media

Many of us took flights over the holidays to visit family. Whether it’s a short hop or an intercontinental haul, there is one constant every time you take a plane trip: “Please turn off all electronic devices.”

Airlines contend that mobile device use during flight could disrupt guidance and communication systems. This is not so for your church. Using mobile devices in church won’t disrupt your guidance: it will enhance it.

As you look out at your congregation you likely see many people reading their bibles or using a church giving app on their smartphones or tablets. These devices are a part of their everyday lives. This is especially true of younger members.

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Essential Nonprofit Software of 2014

As we watch some of our wildest sci-fi fantasies become reality, the potential of technology seems limitless. From fax machines, to email, to smartwatches, technology has transformed the way the world does business.

But with the wealth of business tools and technology available, creating a consideration set for your business can seem like a monumental project. This is especially true for nonprofit organizations with limited financial resources and the need to please stakeholders. Nonprofits have been slow to adopt current tech trends, resulting in a large gap between current and potential uses of IT.

In a survey of over 10,000 nonprofits and charities, 60 percent claimed lack of knowledge is the single greatest barrier to new technological advancement adoption. Technology spending is also reportedly a small portion of nonprofits’ budgets, averaging less than 4.2 percent.

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