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3 Ways Memo Lines Can Express Love In Your Church Giving

Church giving is a beautiful way to express love and gratitude for all your place of worship has added to your life. With our newly-added Memo Line feature, you can show your love in an even more personal way.

In addition to specifying what envelope you’d like to donate to, you can also add a personalized note to your gift. Adding a memo line to your donations is a simple, touching way to honor an important person in your life, give thanks, or even make a specific prayer request.

You can learn how to add a memo in our previous post, Giving Just Got More Personal: Add a Memo Line to Any Donation. Here are some ideas for how to use a memo for a truly personal giving experience.

In Honor/Memory Of

3 Ways Memo Lines Can Express Love In Your Church Giving

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We all have people in our lives, both past and present, who we wish to honor. You can make a small but significant tribute by choosing “In honor of” or “In memory of” from the memo line starters.

For example, you can make a Mother’s Day donation in honor of your mother. If you’re attending funerary services or wish to honor a family member, friend, or fellow attendee who has passed on, add an “In Memory Of” memo and include that person’s name.

Thankful For

Everyone knows it’s important to be grateful for life’s blessings. Your place of worship plays a tremendous role in your life, and personalizing your church giving is a wonderful way to express that gratitude.

Perhaps your fellow members supported your family in a time of need. Or maybe you just want to offer a general word of thanks for something good in your life. Say thank you for all your church has given you by choosing the “Thankful For” memo starter when making your donation.

Prayer Request

Many faiths and denominations allow and encourage prayer requests from their members. Usually, these take the form of a handwritten note placed in a box, or a request submitted via an online form.

By creating your own custom memo, you can include a prayer request with your church giving. When making your donation, add a memo line and choose “Create your own.” You can then add your specific prayer request that will be delivered with your offering.

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