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How to Turn Your Good Intentions into Help for Tornado Victims

How to Help Tornado Victims

While people were in the middle of their holiday preparations, a series of devastating tornadoes on Friday, December 10th brought an end to festivities for many. Now considered the largest in US history, these deadly storms ripped through 220 miles, 200 of which were through the state of Kentucky.

Affecting six states, the destruction is still being assessed and the death toll continues to rise. As of Wednesday, the New York Times reported that 90 people have lost their lives and 122 people were still unaccounted for. The financial devastation is estimated to be in the billions of dollars.

In addition to the loss of loved ones, families have lost their homes, places of work, and so much more. The emotional impact is immeasurable. One eight-year-old interviewed said, “The Christmas tree I think got sucked up with the presents.”

Generosity Outpoured for Tornado Victims

In Kentucky, National Guard troops continue to search through the rubble, looking for survivors. The radio station WKYM quoted the Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, in response to 18,000 donations made in 24 hours, saying:

“We are grateful for the outpouring of love. We feel it. In fact, one of our biggest challenges right now is organizing the amount of people that want to help, want to donate and want to volunteer. That’s the best challenge any of us could ask for.”

The donations continue to pour into organizations with crisis relief funds that are designated specifically for the Friday tornados.

How You Can Make an Impact Across the 6 States Through Givelify

We are ready to be your partner in bringing relief to tornado victims. Tornado Relief is now a Trending Cause on the Givelify app. Like many of us, you may have seen the devastating effects of the recent Tornadoes in Kentucky, Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Missouri and been moved to do something about it. But where do you start?

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out how you can do your part to contribute in a meaningful way. And so, to make it easier for you, we’ve added Tornado Relief as a new Trending Cause on the Givelify app where you can find a curated list of vetted organizations that are already making a difference in the lives of those impacted.

Donate through the Givelify app

Pick an organization and an amount from the list and channel your generosity with the confidence and satisfaction of making an impact where it’s needed most! You can also search for organizations on our website.

One of our givers, Janis Hart, captured her mobile giving experience eloquently in a recent app review:

“I used this app to give to a church in Kentucky for those who were devastated in the tornadoes over this last weekend. I don’t live in Kentucky, but this made it real easy to get the donation quickly to where it can do the most good. Thank you.”

How to Donate on the App

  1. In the Givelify mobile giving app, click on the trending cause “Tornado Relief”
  2. Choose an organization listed
  3. Tap Give
  4. Select an amount, then click the envelop with “Tornado Relief” in the description

You can be confident that your generous donation directly supports the victims.

Use Your Platform to Multiply Your Giving

You can help encourage others to donate by posting to Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #TornadoRelief. You can do it easily by sharing this message:

“I gave to the tornado relief with @Givelify. Here’s how you can help too: [insert link] #TornadoRelief”

Your connections can extend the relief efforts even further.

Verified Organizations Doing Tornado Relief You Can Support

The following are some Givelify Giving Partners providing disaster relief:

Better Together

Our hearts at Givelify are with the victims of the devastating tornadoes that ripped through Kentucky, Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Missouri. We recognize recovery efforts to rescue, feed, shelter and support victims are just beginning in many of your communities affected by this disaster.

Download the Givelify app now or donate online and help tornado victims within seconds.

Want to show your support but don’t know how to download the app? Here’s some help.

Thank you for being part of Givelify’s generous community. Together, we can help our neighbors get through this devastating time.

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