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5 Ways A Free Donation Tracker Can Help Your Faith Community

Making it easy to donate to a good cause, such as a religious organization, is critical to today’s app-focused generation. Men and women who are a part of a faith community still want to give and support their beliefs, but so few carry cash with them to make donations. More so, many people rely on technology to make donations because it’s faster and efficient. As a faith leader, finding a way to make it as effortless as possible to make and track donations may be key to increasing Millennial and younger community members. 

How Does a Free Donation Tracker Work? 

Givelify is a free, online giving platform and mobile app that facilitates donations. It only takes minutes for your faith community to sign up. Then your organization will receive donations from members located anywhere around the world. It’s a fast and easy way to track donations. There are no contracts ever or monthly fees to worry about paying. 

How Can a Free Donation Tracker Help Your Organization? 

A free donation tracker is an excellent place to get started. Utilizing a tracker like this, it’s possible to get the attention of the community. Here are a few key ways a donation tracker like this can help you. 

1: Track Donations Effortlessly 

Knowing who is donating and when they do so empowers your organization to be more in control over the funds received. One of the most time-consuming portions of collecting contributions from faith community members is tracking those donations. It takes time to record what each person gave in a way that’s organized and streamlined. 

Since these donations are a tax write-off, accuracy is critical. With a free donation tracker, all of the hard work is done for you. That means more of your time is spent doing mission-driven work for the community. 

2: Breakdown Barriers to Donations by Increasing Accessibility 

For many reasons, today’s consumer isn’t willing to write a check or drop cash into a collection basket. Some people don’t carry cash around and don’t use traditional checking accounts. They want to give to and support what they believe in, but they lack the tools to make that happen. 

A donation app can change that. Suddenly, people can: 

  • Make donations right from their phone 
  • Make donations at any time – even while they are on the go 
  • Manage donations and give consistently 
  • Give more and give more often 
  • Feel comfortable giving with security concerns for other methods 

For those who cannot maintain funds any other way, this type of online service – with no fee or contract – can help people do what they want with their money. That enables better access to your organization. In short, when you make it easier to give, people are more likely to give consistently. 

3: Make It Easier for Those Unable to Attend Services to Continue to Give 

In-person worship continues to be a concern in many areas. Even when the pandemic is over, and consumers are welcomed back into pews, mosques, and other places of worship, they’ll have to make that decision. Many people feel comfortable attending online worship. Some have new ways of connecting with their faith community that are safer. Changing these new habits may be hard to do. 

That lack of in-person worship hurts donations and tithes. It makes it much harder for people to give as they have for years. Yet, if you give people an easy way to do this, the giving can continue. A donation tracker provides simple tools to enable digital donation. Even if your donors are older, they are still able to use the simple-to-use tools to continue to donate. 

4: Enable Bilingual Audiences to Give with Confidence 

Another limitation of other donation systems and methods is the lack of clarity. For those who are not bilingual, having access to a way to donate that’s in their native language is critical. It can impact whether or not a person moves forward with a donation. 

When you make it possible for people to read in their native language, they’re more likely to use the app or platform. That’s easy to do – if you are using the right tools to make it possible. 

5: Works with Existing Donation and Giving Options 

Many faith organizations already use some types of donation tools. This may include other management platforms and software programs. If you have a church management program, it is possible to integrate this tool into the process. Why do that? There are a few key reasons why this can prove to be valuable: 

  • Enable givers to use a mobile app for donations 
  • Make coordinating donations more effortless overall 
  • Create custom campaigns to ensure specific mission goals are met and organized 
  • Give people options for donation beyond what existing systems offer 
  • Eliminate challenges with other common donation systems that charge fees while giving users options 

How Givelify Is Helping Organizations Like Yours Every Day 

Sign up for Givelifty now. There’s no cost and no complicated process. There is an opportunity to achieve bigger goals and connect more people to those who need help. Download the app or reach out to us to learn more about our free donation tracker. It takes under 5 minutes. 

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