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Church Apps: Helping Your Members Embrace Technology

Technology has been booming for decades now, but some church members are still resistant to change. How can you get them to embrace church app technology? Will they even be open to the idea of tithing with an app?

It may seem difficult to help churchgoers make the transition, but it is entirely possible — and entirely worth it.

Choose Easy-to-Use Church Apps

The first step in helping your churchgoers adjust to new technology is to choose an app that is easy to understand and navigate. The less confusing the church apps are to use, the less difficulty members will have. A variety of apps exist on the market, so select one that makes ease of use a top priority.

Educate Your Members

Even the simplest technology can sometimes be confusing for certain people. For example, seniors make up a large percentage of most church populations. Only 18% of seniors are comfortable learning how to use new technology on their own; 77% need someone to teach them.

It’s important to educate members on your new technology. Ensure that they have a complete grasp on how church apps work. Give simple, clear instructions, and be patient as they ask questions.

Make Security a Priority

The biggest issue churchgoers likely have with mobile app technology involves security. They aren’t alone in this fear. A whopping 68% of smartphone users avoid banking apps because of security worries.

With all of the hacks and information breaches in the news, it can be difficult for some to trust any web-based application with personal information. To get around that, make security a priority. Help set your members’ minds at ease. Only use apps which ensure that every user’s information is 100% secure at all times.

Once your members see that you are looking out for their best interests, they will follow you into the brave new world of church apps.

About the Author

Allison has a passion for charitable giving and believes that small acts of kindness can make the world a better place. She uses her web content and social media expertise to guide churches and nonprofits through the mobile fundraising process.

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