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Are You Ready for the Biggest Church Giving Day of the Year?

This Sunday, March 27, is Easter–the biggest church giving day of the year. You’ve planned your special service, visuals, music, offering envelopes, and activities for all the extra attendees. But are you forgetting anything?

How will Millennials give to your church when they don’t carry cash or checks? What about the new, infrequent, and visiting members who are compelled to make a gift and need a convenient, instant way to do so?

Make sure you’re not missing out on the increased generosity of members and visitors. If you haven’t reached out and reminded them of the ease and simplicity of donating with Givelify, it’s not too late to start. There are no frustrating web forms or text-to-give codes, and even visiting members will have one-tap access to their donation records.

Reach Members Where They Are

Social media and email newsletters are a great way to reach your members wherever they are. Many services leading up to Easter Sunday will likely be quiet and reflective, and won’t involve a church giving appeal. Social media and email will remind your members that they can give privately, silently if they choose to do so.

For those attendees who don’t already use Givelify for their church giving, prompting them to download the app and set up their accounts prior to Sunday will help ensure a smoother giving experience. You can also let them know to set your church as their home church so they can enjoy a three-tap giving experience without disrupting services or standing in line.

Plus, your WiFi may be overloaded with increased attendance. Having the app on their phones will help keep technical problems at bay and lead to more donations.

Sample Social Media Posts

To help get you started, here are some sample social media posts and images. Feel free to customize them and use them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Honoring the resurrection at [INSERT CHURCH NAME HERE] is easy and beautiful with the free Givelify church giving app.

Download the free Givelify app and make a special gift to [INSERT CHURCH NAME HERE] this Easter.

Visiting [INSERT CHURCH NAME HERE] this Easter Sunday? Use Givelify for an easy giving experience.

Please help [INSERT CHURCH NAME HERE] sustain our mission. Give this Easter with Givelify.

Sample Images for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

Sample Email

Feel free to paste this copy into your email newsletter to remind your members about the benefits of using Givelify and how it will help your church.

We look forward to seeing you, your family and friends this Sunday at Easter services.

[INSERT CHURCH NAME HERE] has made it easier and more beautiful than ever to worship with your giving using the free Givelify church giving app. There are no long web forms to fill out or complicated text-to-give codes to memorize. If you’ve never used it to make an offering, we encourage you to download the app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) and set up your account.

Search for [INSERT CHURCH NAME HERE] and mark us as your home church. During services on Sunday, just open the Givelify app and you’ll be taken straight to our profile where you can make your gift right from the palm of your hand–no checks or cash required. It’s safe, secure, and convenient.

You can use Givelify to make offerings all year around, wherever you are and whenever you are moved to give.

However you choose to give, your donations will help sustain our church’s mission. Thank you for your generosity during this special season and all throughout the year.

More Easter Sunday Resources

For more help and ideas for Sunday like setting up a special Easter Giving envelope and running a Givelithon, see our post Make Easter Really Work For Your Church Giving.

Givelify Mobile Giving App

Not using Givelify yet to receive online and mobile donations? Sign up below to get a tour!

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