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6 Ways to Appreciate Your Pastor this Month

They’re servants of the Lord. They’re confidants. They’re teachers. They’re students. They’re parents, spouses, siblings, and children. The good that your pastor does for you and your congregation should never go unnoticed. Wondering how you can make Pastor Appreciation Day one your pastor will remember? We’ve compiled seven thoughtful ways to celebrate your pastor this month to really show your gratitude.

1. Give Their Office a Makeover

How many times have you gone into Pastor’s office and seen furniture from the 1980s, an old, dusty, desktop computer, and maybe even a rotary phone? An update could be just the right gift to make your pastor’s life simpler. To keep this gift a surprise while still making it meaningful, involve your pastor’s spouse in the redecorating plans to make sure you’re creating a space they’ll love.

2. Send Them to a Conference

Just like your employer invests in you by providing training opportunities like conferences or online courses, the church can do the same for their star team member – the pastor! There’s no better time to present tickets to your denomination’s annual conference or a leadership summit for clergy than Pastor Appreciation Day. Not only would this gift further enrich the skillset of your religious leader, it will also serve as time away from the day-to-day. Who doesn’t like a break from routine every once in a while?

3. Send Them on Vacation

Imagine how difficult it must be to lead dozens of families within the church in addition to your own? That’s what your pastor experiences each day. They deserve some time away to tend to those who support them Sunday to Sunday. A vacation for your pastor and their family doesn’t have to break the church’s bank. A day trip to an amusement park or a museum could be the perfect family getaway. Your pastor will appreciate your thoughtfulness for not only them but their family as well.

4. Give an Offering to Their Favorite Charity

Is your pastor one of those people who has everything or has been everywhere? Is there nothing new under the sun you can do to appreciate them? Do some research through their family and other clergy members to see if they support education foundations or child welfare charities. Consider taking up an extra offering each week in October for Pastor Appreciation Month. The funds can then be donated in your pastor’s name to the charity. How can you do this while keeping it a secret from Pastor? Use Givelify envelopes and name the envelope something generic like “Pastor Appreciation Celebration.” The details of the celebration are sure to WOW them like no other gift could.

5. Pray for Them

Some pastors prefer private acknowledgment and thanks for their work rather than announcements before the congregation. Your pastor knows the power of prayer, and they’re likely an avid prayer warrior themselves. Respect their wishes for privacy by offering to pray for them on Pastor Appreciation Day. This genuine gift is one that can’t be duplicated and never goes out of style. It’s the only gift that, when returned, is encouraged and appreciated.

6. Appreciate Them Year-Round

October may be Pastor Appreciation Month, but don’t forget to show gratitude for all the work they do each day. The Lord’s work doesn’t happen 9 – 5 or just on Sundays. Stay up to date on benefits, fair wages, and time-off policies for your clergy members so they can continue to serve you, your congregation, and the Lord.

Does your congregation have plans for Pastor Appreciation Month? Do you need some? Our Givelify Success Coaches can help with that and more.

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