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7 Types of Nonprofit Apps To Help Streamline Your Processes

The day-to-day dealings of running a nonprofit are taxing and laborious. Leading unpaid workers, tracking gifts, marketing and conversions are only a few of the important tasks. The good news is there are a number of apps for mobile devices and online services to streamline your process. They can help lead to a reduced workload, higher margins, and ease of access to prime funds for nonprofits. The next seven types of apps and answers to common questions will help transform your nonprofit into a well-oiled machine. Here are 7 nonprofit app types we recommend for productivity.

The First Of the Nonprofit App Types We Recommend for Productivity; Online Giving Apps

Online giving apps such as Givelify allow users to smoothly search for a cause and donate. Sending donations straight to the cause is the quickest and most simple way for sponsors to affect change. Making it as easy as it can be for them to do so will help to increase conversions. As with any business, the goal is to make the process as easy as possible for the user. In the case of nonprofits, the user is the donor. Givelify’s customizable mainframe and comprehensive management and insight tools cater to the donor while making your process as simple as possible.

How Can We Track Conversion Rates?

Conversions for nonprofits include hard conversions and soft conversions. Hard conversions are actions like gifting, unpaid worker sign-ups, and filled-out forms. Soft conversions are things like site visits, link clicks, and media downloads. Success in today’s world is often measured by conversions and tracking them is key.

Free-to-use services like Google Analytics allow for the tracking of site visits, exit rates, and area clicks. This paints a clear picture of the areas of your site you need to focus on. It will also allow you to be more efficient and raise conversion rates. Even better, Givelify is updating the dashboard for nonprofits and places of worship so that tracking is even more user-friendly (here, the user is the nonprofit.)

Volunteer Connection Apps

Volunteer connection apps easily pair volunteers with local nonprofits. Users can search by date and location to best give their time to the greater good. By signing up, your organization will be added to the list of available organizations for potential volunteers. This puts your cause in front of more eyes and helpers willing to give their time.

Volunteer Management Apps

Once you have booked the volunteers, managing schedules becomes the most important task at hand. Volunteer management apps allow organizations to easily create schedules, manage personnel, and deconflict volunteers. This will help to make the act of volunteering seamless. A better experience for volunteers keeps them coming back to donate more of their time and efforts. This will in turn increase volunteer retention.

Design Apps

Design apps help to create professional-looking websites, apps, and email graphics for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional designer. They also typically support custom design consultations and personalized imagery uploads.

Marketing and Social Media Apps

With social media become the native language of the younger generation comes the need for upping your strategy for social media marketing. This helps to reach potential customers and clients with ease. Social media marketing is capable of targeting specific people and users with your message. These targeted messages have a higher conversion rate for volunteers and donors than blast messaging.

Marketing and social media apps take your message to the users with the highest chances of making a conversion. They do this by using specific, algorithmically-driven messaging, ads, and sponsors. Keywords, phrases, and interests from users’ profiles help to build the targeted audience. This leads to ad campaigns to ensure your message is received by patrons with a high chance of a conversion.

A display of some of the most popular social apps for phones, ranging from Facebook and Instagram, to Linkedin. Nonprofit App Types We Recommend for Productivity


Email campaigns carry a lower rate of conversion than targeted campaigns but are seen by more eyes. They also often have lower upfront costs. These apps save email data from anyone that has opened an account on your site or app. Or has gifted before. Information can then be fed into emails for normal updates, calls to action, or other needs of your organization.

The pros of these campaigns are the low upfront cost, wide viewership, and low effort requirements.

Debit or Credit Round-Up Gifting Apps

Some of the newest gifting apps available to nonprofits are debit or credit card round-up services. These apps round every purchase used on charge cards up to the nearest dollar to be gifted. The added convenience of this type of giving service appeals to a wider array of potential donors. It doesn’t take any additional effort on the part of the donor to give.

Simply sign up with a round-up gifting service to be added to their database of latent gifting organizations. You can then notify your network of donors of the new method of gifting. Email, unpaid worker tracking apps, or an addition to your website or app will help get the word out!

How Do I Know Which Type of Service is Best for My Cause?

Every nonprofit is different with diverse goals, sizes, payrolls, and support networks. The choice of which nonprofit apps will offer the most direct benefit to you depends on a number of factors. Start with your specific conversion metrics and see where to devote the early attention. There are also full-service apps here to help, like Givelify’s top-rated online and mobile giving platform.

Nonprofit App Types We Recommend for Productivity; The Bottom Line

Coping with the constant trickle of data, the flow of money, and unpaid worker networks are needed tasks for your nonprofit to be as fruitful as possible. The right knowledge, data, and tools will allow you to streamline your process and reach a broader crowd. With Givelify, nonprofits enjoy no contracts, hidden fees or charges, and fast dispersal of funds. Givelify is the most downloaded mobile giving app, with more than one million donors already in the giving network. They also boast the highest review ratings on the market. Sign up for Givelify and get set up for mobile donations in under 5 minutes!

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