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NACC Embraces Mobile Giving With Givelify, Sees Great Results

For the last two years Givelify has been the official mobile giving platform for the North American Christian Convention (NACC). Founded in 1927, NACC is an annual gathering of Christians for worship, preaching, teaching, fellowship, and networking.

The convention typically features top-notch speakers, worship leaders and Christian talent. Workshops, Bible studies and networking events offer attendees resources for their ministries and churches.

A full teen convention, including main sessions and workshops, is scheduled each year in addition to a Children’s Convention and off-site trips for elementary-aged children.

Each year, the exhibit hall includes displays from hundreds of different organizations including Christian colleges, missionaries, churches, non-profit ministries, and publishing houses.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down via Skype with Ryan Allcott, NACC’s Communications and Program Manager, and check in on their results. Ryan talked about how Givelify helped solve many of their fundraising issues from previous years, the benefits Givelify has brought to their organization, and how NACC promoted mobile giving to maximize results.

Secure Donations Mean Increased Giving

Ryan reported that their main donation method in the past was for people to write down their credit card information on a pledge slip and place it in a bin as it was passed around the convention center. This obviously poses a security risk, as well as adding in the possibility of errors during the manual keying process. Giving attendees an easier, faster, more secure way to donate using Givelify not only eliminated these problems, but led to an overall increase in donations.

This past year, it was over five times the amount of giving from the previous year, and for the first time ever it passed the paper slip count. It’s a much better solution than writing your credit card number down on a piece of paper and hoping someone down the aisle doesn’t pick it out of the bucket.

Ease of Use Is Key to Driving Donations

NACC had utilized another mobile giving platform in the past, but they and their attendees found it was too cumbersome. Even providing kiosks around the convention center yielded disappointing results as they still involved filling out forms. The ease of use provided by Givelify helped with communication to attendees about how the mobile giving app works.

It’s a simple, few-step process. It’s really easy to communicate to our attendees. Our previous mobile giving solution was a lot more complicated.

Communication and Promotion Ensure Usage

A mobile giving app can’t work unless people know it’s available and how to use it. NACC did a fantastic job of promoting Givelify in all their communications leading up to and during the convention. From instructional emails, printed cards distributed throughout the event, video and slides during announcements, and social media promotion, NACC utilized every available channel to inform and instruct attendees about the availability and use of mobile giving.

You can’t over-communicate it, trying to keep it in front of people that we had a mobile giving solution that was easy and simple. They didn’t have to carry cash to put in the offering, write a check, or write down their credit card number. Every time you do the offering, we made sure that was a part of the offering thought.

Pricing and Customer Service From Givelify

Part of Givelify’s mission is to make electronic giving available to any organizations. Eliminating setup and monthly fees lowers the barrier of entry to a beautiful, effortless fundraising solution. Ryan mentions our competitive pricing, and touches on our customer service once NACC signed up.

We love the Givelify team, they’re really responsive and great to work with. Any time we have an issue they get back to us right away and help us come up with solutions to make sure that giving is easy for our attendees.


About the Author

Matt is dedicated to making the world a better place. He works passionately to help charitable causes use mobile technology to raise the funds they need. In addition to his role at Givelify, he volunteers with the Southside Animal Shelter and Kentuckiana Pug Rescue.

Matt Chandler