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Monday #Mobile #Giving Roundup

Every day we collect the latest news and trends in mobile giving and release it via We call it The Givelify Mobile Giving Daily. It’s timely news and trends in mobile giving for nonprofits and churches, and you can subscribe for daily updates delivered right to your email inbox.

In case you were offline over the weekend, we assemble the best highlights from each week so you can catch up on Monday mornings.

How to Make Online Donations Simple for Potential Donors

The key to getting more donations–and on a more regular basis–is removing the friction from the donation process. This post outlines some simple, straightforward ways to make sure your online donation forms are quick and easy to use.

Those of us who are digital natives might think making sure to include a link to your website in all communications is the most basic thing you can do. It’s surprising how often this isn’t done.

Retweet, Favorite, Donate: Charitable Giving On Twitter Might Soon Be A Click Away

Speaking of removing friction, Twitter is in the process of testing a “Buy Now” button for ecommerce. Details are spelled out on the Twitter blog, but there’s something bigger at play here: the Associated Press reports that users can also donate to charitable organizations such as Donors Choose, The Nature Conservancy, 9/11 Day and GLAAD.

This is a huge development in mobile giving. Making an emotional appeal–striking while the iron is hot–is critical for churches and nonprofits in encouraging giving. The importance of making it a simple process (give in a few taps, anyone?) for people to give can’t be overstated.

Updated Ice Bucket Challenge numbers: 17M+ videos shared to Facebook

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been inescapable the last several weeks. This campaign is proof that when done right social media can bring big gains for churches and nonprofits.

Part of the reason the challenge worked was the power of mobile. Facebook’s auto-play videos ensured that as users scrolled through their news feed, they were guaranteed to see their friends (and of course celebrities) completing the challenge. It all added up to over 28 million people talking about it on Facebook.

How One Tweet Can End Child Hunger

Some call it slacktivism, but sharing messages of social good on Facebook and Twitter can actually have real impact. Think about it: the more people who see your message, the greater the odds of getting donations.

For example, last year’s Dine Out for No Kid Hungry saw almost $8,000,000 raised compared to about $5,000,000 in 2012. Much of this increase can be attributed to their “share a tweet” Twitter campaign.

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