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Monday #Mobile #Giving Roundup for Sep. 22

If you’re not subscribed to the Givelify Mobile Giving Daily on, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Every day we find the best, most helpful stories on the web about nonprofit donations and church giving in the mobile and online spaces. We collect all these resources in one convenient place for easy reference.

Each Monday we round up the cream of the crop from the previous week so you don’t miss a thing. You can even subscribe to the daily email and get all this great content sent right to your inbox.

The Top 10 Most Effective Donation Form Optimizations You Can Make

Online donation forms are incredibly effective vehicles for getting donations. But there’s a difference between having a form and having a form that actually works.

Branding your donation form with the same look and feel as your website, and keeping the number of clicks to a minimum are just two things you can do to make sure donors find–and use–your online donation form.

This post even provides data visualizations and examples of organizations doing it the right way.

Read more at npEngage

4 Ways Small Nonprofits Can Use Mobile to Slay a Giant

As Jay Baer put it so eloquently, “Even though you can’t rely on any one particular message in any specific channel to reach your audience. You maximize the likelihood that SOME message in SOME channel will reach each audience member.” Or as the old online comic said, “On the internet no one knows you’re a dog.”

The mobile internet levels the playing field for small nonprofits. Regardless of the size of your organization, optimizing your site for mobile, utilizing social media, and embracing local search can increase the chances you are found by people looking to donate.

Read more on the Razoo Foundation blog

Is A Donate Button Coming To Twitter?

Twitter announced on their blog that a “Buy Now” button is being tested within select feeds. Mobile commerce is the future, but what about charitable donations?

They seem to have it covered as they also announced that some of the groups in the beta test are 9/11 Day of Service, the Nature Conservancy, Global Citizen, Glide, GLAAD,, and Product Red.

This indicates a widespread desire to make donations as easy as possible, as well as a focus on mobile.

Read more at J. Campbell Social Marketing

Infographic: Data From America’s Biggest Online Giving Challenge

Nonprofits large and small can benefit from local initiatives. If you’re not familiar with the Give Local America 24 hour challenge, it’s a great way to tap into a giving movement with high awareness.

This past May over 7,000 nonprofits brought in more than $53 million in donations. Donors are encourage to broaden their horizons and give to charities in their area. This infographic shows a full breakdown of gifts and causes.

Challenges like this highlight the importance of having a mobile presence. By being mobile optimized or using a mobile giving app you can increase your reach to those outside your geographic area, and thus increase donations.

Read more at Frogloop

9 Must-Know Best Practices for Distributing Your Nonprofit’s Content on Social Networks

Nonprofit Tech for Good is always a great source of information on nonprofit fundraising. They recently published a book called “Mobile for Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits” that is an absolute must-read. Better still, they publish excerpts like this one on their blog. Even if you don’t read the book (which you should) you can still get great tips on fundraising.

In this post they outline crucial information on using social media to increase your organization’s reach and engagement. Tips like “prioritize storytelling over marketing” and “know that all social networks are now mobile” seem like old hat to marketers, but are probably new for many nonprofit communicators. This post will help you make the most of social media to increase donations.

Read more at Nonprofit Tech for Good

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