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Monday #Mobile #Giving Roundup for Oct. 6

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Every Monday we round up the top highlights into the Monday Mobile Giving Roundup so you don’t miss a thing.

Study: Nonprofits Score an “F” in Online Fundraising Scorecard

Study: Nonprofits Score an "F" in Online Fundraising ScorecardDunham and Company released an Online Fundraising Scorecard that looked at 151 nonprofits online fundraising activities. The report either gave a big “F” or a mediocre rating to most of the nonprofits in the report. Out of 151 nonprofits, only 24 of them scored 76% or above.

The study looked at the flow of donation pages on each of the nonprofits websites as well as email appeals, follow up emails, etc. Here are some of the key findings.

  • 65% required users to go through three or more pages to actually donate. Forcing users to go through multiple steps is one of the fastest ways to lose donors.
  • 84% of donation pages were not optimized for mobile, which made it hard for mobile users to complete a donation.

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A Simple Guide to Maximizing LinkedIn’s New Features for Fundraising Advancement

Building relationships with donors is crucial for every type of nonprofit. Giving USA reported that more than $300 billion was donated to charities in 2013, with nearly 70 percent of those donations coming from individuals. And research has shown that donors give more when they have personal ties with a charity.

One of the most efficient ways to connect with your constituents is through social media. LinkedIn, in particular, is a largely untapped resource for building direct relationships, and the site’s mission to connect the world’s professionals and empower them to be more productive and successful extends to nonprofit fundraising professionals

Forward-thinking fundraisers who are utilizing LinkedIn’s features for advancement are breaking through the walls to meet new donors where they are.

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10 e-Newsletter Best Practices for Nonprofits

Despite the rapid rise of social media, more online donations are made from a click in an e-newsletter than any other source. In fact, in 2013 for every 1,000 fundraising messages delivered, nonprofits raised $17.

That was a 21% decrease from the previous year, but the decrease is mostly likely due to poor online fundraising practices, such as not having a mobile-optimized donate page and e-newsletter design.

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Get Ready to Maximize Year-end Donations

Now is the best time to optimize your online giving platform to maximize your year-end donations this year. Is your organization following these best practices, shared by Aplos, for a donor-friendly donation process?

December is the season for giving, but nonprofits should prepare long before then to make sure they capitalize on donors looking to give back. Being the nonprofit of choice for year-end donations means making donating easy, boosting donor confidence, and making sure you are on their minds. Here are a few tips to make that happen.

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10 lessons for Giving Days, and one question: How can we make them more sustainable?

It’s impressive if you think about it: In just a few years, community foundations have learned to raise millions for local projects in 24-hour sprints. To do it, their Giving Day campaigns have embraced new technologies and outreach strategies to make philanthropy easy and, well, a ton of fun.

But now with a few Giving Days under their belts, we hear more and more community foundations asking how these campaigns fit into their long-term strategies. Certainly, they put philanthropy on people’s radar and raise money for great causes. A big win. But are they financially sustainable for the organizations that run them? How could these campaigns be organized to benefit both the community and the causes the foundation cares about?

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