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Monday #Mobile #Giving Roundup for Nov. 10

Year-end campaigns including #GivingTuesday are in full swing. There’s a whole lot of news to keep up with. The Givelify #Mobile #Giving Daily makes it easier to keep up on the the latest news, resources and tips in mobile giving.

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Why All Nonprofits Should Embrace #GivingTuesday

If you are a strong believer in “relationship fundraising,” which I have been ever since reading the classic and game-changing book written by my friend Ken Burnett decades back, then you might have been skeptical about raising money through and on #GivingTuesday.

#GivingTuesday may sound a bit gimmick like, but has proven to be effective for many reasons.

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Facebook adding Donate button to the News Feed to help fight Ebola

Facebook is adding a “Donate Now” button to users’ News Feeds to help raise money to fight Ebola.

Facebook members will see a message at the top of their feeds on Thursday urging them to donate money to Ebola relief efforts.

The button will allow users to contribute to any of three nonprofits — the International Medical Corps, the American Red Cross and Save The Children — that actively work in the areas of the world most heavily impacted by Ebola; the disease has plagued the West African countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

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KICK IT UP A NOTCH: 4 Smart Ways to Boost Your Year-End Online Fundraising

Fundraising goal established. CHECK. Compelling stories selected. CHECK. Email arc created. CHECK. Donation landing page updated. CHECK.

Sounds like your year-end online fundraising campaign is off to a solid start.

Wanna kick it up a notch? Try one of these 4 tactics to boost your online fundraising this December.

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Nonprofit Fundraising: Super Simple Ways to Get Donations Online

If your organization isn’t tapping into online methods of nonprofit fundraising yet, it is time to get on board. Online giving grew 13.5% in 2013, and made up 6.4% of all charitable giving.

Using the Internet to boost your nonprofit fundraising may seem like a difficult task. It doesn’t need to be hard, though.

What are the least complicated ways to raise money on the Internet? How can you get more money online?

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What the Church Can Learn from LG’s Social Media Faux Pas

Nobody is perfect; no one is above making a mistake, least of all on social media. In fact, social media is rife with obstacles that can trip anyone up. Even a major corporation.

Last month, during the “Bendgate” ballyhoo, I read this hilarious article on CNET about the French division of LG. Apparently, after the stories of bent iPhone 6 Pluses—is that we’re spelling it?—LG France sent out a tweet with a not-so-subtle dig at Apple, saying that their G Flex phones don’t bend because their “naturally curved,” which is true (to a point).

It was actually a funny tweet, of which I am in favor. However, this tweet wasn’t a properly thought as it should have been. It had a image of the G Flex, the proper hashtag, and even a nice emoticon. The problem, though, wasn’t that the tweet was missing something; the problem was how it was sent! This tweet was sent from an iPhone! Whoops!

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