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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Is A Day On Not A Day Off

For many of us, Martin Luther King Jr. Day means a day off from work on January 20. But we often forget about the true meaning of the day and what this powerful activist stood for. This year celebrate MLK Day with a day on, not a day off. Here are some popular service opportunities you can participate in this MLK Day.

1. Register Your Own Service Project

Did you know your church or nonprofit can start an MLK service project? It’s quite simple. Visit the National Service website to begin and learn more about how to recruit and train your volunteers.

2. Take an MLK Day On

If you’re still looking for opportunities to serve on January 20, the Corporation for National and Community Service offers a directory for volunteer and service opportunities. Search for service opportunities near you and make MLK a day on.

The Corporation for National and Community Service provides several tips and ideas for service projects you can get involved in or host on your own.

3. Host a Discussion

Sharing knowledge and perspectives on the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. is just as impactful as service itself. Host a session at your place of worship or nonprofit to foster an inclusive discussion about non-violence and building community.

4. Offer a Job Readiness Class

The path out of poverty and disenfranchisement includes a means of earning a living. You can help the citizens of your community prepare to join the workforce by offering a job readiness class. Resume writing, interview skills, and professional dress and etiquette are a great place to begin your agenda for the class.

5. Provide Health and Wellness Assistance

16.2 million children do not get enough to eat each year. You can make a difference. Volunteering at a soup kitchen or bringing meals to the homeless are wonderful ways to exhibit charitable behavior on this special day of service.

6. Do Community Service, Beautifully

Where we live, play, and work is an important part of our community. A clean and beautiful environment encourages a sense of pride in those who thrive in it. Decluttering the streets with a clean-up day or adding more beauty by planting trees or shrubs is a fun way to serve the community in which you live.

For more awesome ideas on how to take a day on this MLK day, check out this list of acts of kindness you can do for little to no cost.

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