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IU Lilly School of Philanthropy Launches Interactive Charitable Giving Resource

The IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy unveiled a new online resource for charitable giving, Generosity for Life. The site provides research reports, interactive tools, and other resources to help organizations and schools examine, understand, and take action on charitable giving data.

“ illustrates that philanthropy is for everyone – anyone can be a philanthropist.”

– Una Osili, associate dean for research and international programs at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.

This new resource “visualizes and analyzes data from the school’s Philanthropy Panel Study (PPS), which tracks over 9,000 individuals’ and families’ giving, volunteering, and factors that influence those practices (e.g., employment, health, marital status) throughout their lives.”

IU Lilly School of Philanthropy Launches Interactive Charitable Giving Resource

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Purpose and Goals

Funded and supported by the John Templeton Foundation, the revolutionary new site serves to further the school’s mission to “improve the world by training and empowering students and professionals to be innovators and leaders who create positive and lasting change.”

The goal of the site is to make giving data accessible and actionable for an audience broader than academic researchers. Fundraising professionals, leaders of small nonprofits and places of worship, and donors themselves will find information and tools that will help them better understand philanthropy and charity from a variety of perspectives.

Resources and Tools

  • A Give-O-Meter where people can enter their demographic information and compare their giving and volunteering habits to their peers’
  • Generosity Maps that allow users to see how people give across the country
  • Generosity Reports allow users to construct a detailed customizable charitable profile of giving trends in the U.S.
  • Perspectives from real students offer parents and teachers the chance to review original story books and other school projects from children that convey the importance of generosity
  • Lesson plans for teachers with ready-made lessons for teaching students generosity and conveying the importance of giving back.

Student Stories

The Student Stories section is particularly inspiring, sharing real-world examples of projects and initiatives created by young people. For example, Renita Zaparde, an 11th grader in New Jersey, formed Pedal2Prosperity, Inc., a nonprofit organization which provides bicycles to orphaned girls in India and Africa so they can get to school.

Learn More

Check out all Generosity for Life has to offer.

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